Saturday, July 28, 2012

Only in the Philippines!

Filipinos love to sing! Most of Filipino homes own a magic sing.  You hear people singing as their pastime.  On occasions or even without a special occasion, it is very common to see people gather together and have fun singing using a rented videoke.  In malls, it is common to see people lining up and wait for their turn to sing on a videoke.  Only in the Philippines would you see this.  Here is a video taken of a girl singing in one of the malls in Manila.  For a store owner, it is the best way to promote their store and their products like this magic sing that this girl is using.  Watch out for this girl.  She is definitely awesome!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ain't this true?


Agree or disagree?   Men say that it is useless arguing with women because they never win.  Whatever men say will be a start of another argument that is why they just shut their mouth to end the argument so they lose.  Well, i think they don't win in an argument because they just can't, hahaha!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever

As the song goes, "diamonds are forever".  Everyone loves diamonds especially the women.  It is a woman's best friend and I agree a hundred percent.  Every woman would love to own a diamond that's why it is a woman's dream to own diamond jewelry.  As a woman, it would melt my heart to wear a diamond engagement or wedding ring.  It is expensive, let's admit it but saving for it is all worth it.  

Personally, I would love to have diamond jewelry for a lot of reasons.  It has been my dream to wear a diamond ring and it would make me feel so special.  Another practical reason is the fact that it is a great investment.  Its value goes higher as time goes by.  It does not depreciate.  In times when I need financial help, I know, even as the last resort, I have something to fall back on.  I can easily pawn it or sell it because it is valuable. 

When it comes to diamonds, we need to make sure we are buying the highest quality of diamond that we deserve, just like the quality that we get from Whiteflash.  No wonder, it has gained recognition as a leading provider of high quality diamonds all over the world.  It has introduced an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamond and made the "super ideal cut" popular especially among internet shoppers. 

Diamond buyers or users know that it is also great to invest in loose diamonds because we can see it as it is or use it for any personalized or customized designs that we want.  Last week, my husband and I attended a wedding of a relative and what caught my eyes was the diamond wedding ring that the bride was wearing.  It was so beautiful.  The bride told us that it took them a year to save for it but it was worth the wait and she deserved it.  It was gorgeous.  

Guys out there, I have a tip for you.  If you want to make your loved ones happy in any special occasion, give them a gift that they would treasure for the rest of their life - diamonds.  For those who are looking to buy the best engagement ring or wedding band, you will never regret the diamonds that you will get from Whiteflash.  Just click here to start browsing over their wonderful diamond products.  Nothing can beat the beauty of diamonds and each of us deserves to have one. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

How did we survive our childhood?

That's right! I had a happy childhood and i am confident to say that i will never trade it for anything else like having an iPhone, iPad and other gadgets that kids of today play.  Today, kids are content playing alone with their gadgets. To me, they are missing a lot!  How would they learn to socialize with other kids their age?  This is one of the things that we learned in my childhood, establishing relationships with other people.  Kids would wonder how we survived in my younger years.  I would gladly say, how do they survive today?