Saturday, May 25, 2013

My daughters jamming ....

I'm glad to hear my daughters are singing again. I seldom hear them singing and i truly miss it! They are just both jamming and chillin' around. I guess they finally found time to do it. The past weeks have been so stressful for everyone in the family. It is always a lot easy to deal with even the toughest problem if we are working on it together. Whatever the situation is, let's try to take a break and just chill, ok? I hope you will enjoy the song as well as their voice.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dorm Stuff & Bedding

Preparing for college requires a lot of planning – there is so much to acquire and typically such a small space to work with that each and every item counts. Between clothing and shoes, bedding and bath items, sporting goods and study aids, dorm d├ęcor and stuff beyond the basics it becomes a real transportation and storage issue, especially if you do not have access to a large automobile or truck. For kids who take a plane, train or bus to head off to university it can be even more challenging.

The best place to begin is by reviewing the college materials and looking for a checklist – this should detail what items are provided such as beds, desks and dressers, what items are available for rental or purchase and what items may be prohibited. Also take the time to review the websites of the major bedding and bath stores as many have whole sections dedicated to camp and college. Download any digital checklists as they can be very useful for coordinating with parents and future roommates. Some retailers will deliver goods directly to the dorm which can be very handy if transportation is a problem.

When you were a baby in a crib the bedding was standard and while you might think it would be the same way in a dormitory setting, many communal living facilities do not use standard twin mattresses. The more popular format is a twin extra long, also known as a twin XL; the standard twin sheets you may already own will not fit on a twin XL mattress. Look for twin XL bedding sets which often include everything you will need to outfit the bed.