Friday, March 30, 2012

Tarsiers: The cutest thing

One of the most interesting things I wanted to see during my visit in Bohol was to see a tarsier.  I have been wanting to see one of these cute guys and I was not disappointed.  They are indeed the cutest, although they look weird.  As the care takers in the conservation area said, tarsiers are 5 in 1 which means that they have the head of a monkey, the eyes of the owl, the ears of a bat, the hands of a frog and the body of a rat. 

People used to be able to hold the tarsiers but not anymore.  People can enjoy just watching them and take a photo of them as long as there is no flash so as not to depress these cute little guys.  When you get a chance to visit Bohol in the Philippines, make sure you visit the Tarsier Conservation area.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Patty Invades Cebu!

We had the chance to visit my childhood friend today in their place in San Fernando, Cebu.  With me were my hubby and two daughters.  My friend's family owns a bar they call DKNS Maestro's Bar and Resort where her family composed of her husband Stewart, her and her son Karel entertain the bar guests every night.  My friend called on my daughter on stage to join them, which my daughter accepted.  Considering it was an impromptu performance, my daughter did well except for some lyrics she did not know.  Here is the video:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stranded in Beijing

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from my recent trip to the Philippines is:  Avoid going through Beijing airport if you donlt have at least 5 hours overlay before your connecting flight.  We only had two hours and as expected, we were left behind by our flight to Manila.  Beijing airport is so huge and  you need to go to another building by train to claim your luggage and to another terminal by a shuttle bus.  Immigration is so tight and security as well so that it takes so long for each passenger to get cleared from one process to another.  

While taking for a bus outside the airport, you need to get ready with a thick coat or jacket if you don't want to freeze to death, lol!  We missed our flight and were asked to pay a rebooking fee of $165 each and had to wait for another 13 hours for the next flight.  It is so difficult to communicate with staff in the airport because they hardly understand English and just like any airports, everything is expensive and get ready with cash in their currency.  But to sum it up, it was part of the experience and part of the trip and gain friends who were with us during the 13 hours wait.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A quicky and easy mini dining room makeover

Guest post written by Keshia Thompson 

One thing that I've worried about for a while is whether I can afford to give our dining room a facelift.  It's been in desperate need of one.  The decor in it has just become so tired looking after a few years.  But our budget for the makeover was tiny.

So I came up with the idea to thrift some stuff and then also to repurpose some odd things already in our home.  Sometimes you just need to switch around stuff to make it look better. I was getting some refreshing decorating ideas when I saw some information on Remodeling in Mesa and decided to use that later in a few months when we might just remodel our might.  Might!  My fingers are crossed!

Right now I'm hard at work and fully committed to this dining room makeover.  I think that the cutest part of it has been the vintage sheets that I repurposed into some curtains.  They look so quirky and fun!  Just that little bit of style that we needed to insert into our apartment.


My vacation officially begins today, yay!  I have to admit, i am stressed right now.  I guess because i have not really done packing yet or perhaps i am scared i would end up with an excess baggage.  Hubby has to bear with me these days as i am getting miserable and hard to deal with.  Last night, he treated me to our favorite "Texas Roadhouse" and we both had fun.  Cheers!