Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing Beats Life Lock In Protecting Your Identity

When I got actively involved with "get-paid-sites" last year, one of the offers that I took advantage of was an offer for a free credit report for one month. After that, you can cancel or continue for a fee. I also started to shop online using my credit card. Since then, offers for pre-approved credit cards and junk mails started to pour in my mailbox daily. I was even wondering where they got my personal details from.

This is what Life Lock is trying to stop - personal identities being sold to other parties, junk mails and identity theft. For a very minimal fee, Life Lock protects consumers' identity and give them full control over it on how, when and who can use it. By doing so, Life Lock works with credit bureaus and asks them to send fraud alerts to members whenever questionable transactions are made using the members' identity. Of course, this would cost a lot of money for these credit bureaus, who are only trying to make money and most could care less about their customers. I can understand why Life Lock pissed them off because life lock has greatly affected how they run their business. Life Lock also requests that consumers' name be taken off the list of pre-approved credit cards and junk mails. It also provides members with free credit report. There are a lot more that life lock does mostly for the benefit of its members which boils down to protecting them from identity theft. So if you are concern about protecting your identity, Life Lock is the one you can fully trust. Check it out!

Cool cat award....

Yen gave me this cool cat award more than a week ago and i have been meaning to post it here but i really got no time to do it until now. Sorry Yen for the delay but i swear I have never forgotten about it and i really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks so much! Cool cat? Honestly, i never liked cats, LOL! I hated these creatures when i was still in PI because we have hundreds of them straying around the whole building where i worked. They come down our desks after 5PM, and they lived up in the ceilings and kept on multiplying so fast. We even had a project on how to get rid of them but never succeeded. But this award is different and i know i am getting out of topic. Anyway, here is the cool cat award that i wanna share with all who visit me here. To me, you are all cool! This is for you too! Feel free to grab it and post it in your blogs and if you do, please let me know so i can take a peek too, ok?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get The Latest And Highest Quality Hunting Blinds At Very Affordable Cost

Hunting is a hobby most Americans enjoy especially when they are equipped with the best gadgets, which are a little expensive. To fully enjoy hunting, having the best quality Hunting Blinds is necessary. Of course they could make or build their own but why go through the hassles when they can get one of same, if not better quality in a very affordable cost? At Hunting and Recreation Business Mall, you get only the latest hunting gears and gadgets like the popular Texas deer blinds and Hunting Blinds at a very affordable cost. It guarantees the highest quality with a personalized service that you will never see or experience in other stores. No wonder, Hunting and Recreational Business Mall, has gained popularity as the leading seller of the best deer and Hunting Blinds in the USA. If you are interested, give them a call anytime as they are available by phone 7 days a week. Huge discounts are waiting for those who order in volumes. Check it out!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not feeling good today.....

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I am not feeling good today. I started to feel sick yesterday even before I went to work, i would have loved to stay at home but i thought it was Friday anyway to i just have to bear another sick day. I guess I caught a flu, it seems the "in" thing nowadays, anyway. I am working in a hospital so I am surrounded with sick people everyday - in the elevators, in the hallway, in the lobby and just about anywhere i go, even inside the office. Last night, while watching TV, i was feeling so cold while i was checking my emails while watching "Bones" on TV. I was using my lappy and fall asleep. My dear husband made fun of me, took a pic of me while on that unglamorous state of mind, LOL! This morning when i checked my email, i saw hubby's email for me with this lovely photo. I didn't even recognize myself at first, i thought i saw someone i knew, hehe! Anyway, here is the photo he took from his cellphone.
Don't laugh at me, ok? Promise to be good to me today because I am sick, wahhhhh! Have a great Saturday guys! Have a blast!

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I don't feel good today so I guess I will just stay at home 'cuz I hate going out in this nasty weather anyway. But feeling ill today doesn't stop me from enjoying my day by playing my favorite online pool. I have been playing pool and billiard online for the past days since I learned about BilliardMagic. I tell you, I am having a blast with the range of online billiard games including 8-ball, 9-ball and the exciting snooker game in this site! Visit this friendly BilliardMagic site if you wanna have a fun weekend! Play online billiards and win friends from all over the world at BilliardMagic! Start it now! See you there!

Monday, February 18, 2008

This is long overdue....

Yen has given me this award and i was really meaning to post it here right away because I don't want her to think i was ignoring it, but for some reasons, i wasn't able to. Sorry Yen, this has been long overdue but i have always thought about it and of course i appreciate your including me in your list. Thanks a lot for this, coming from you really flatters me. To return the favor, let me pass this on to my fellow bloggers: Lisa, Redlan, Pepe, Roselle, In-in, Anah, Jen, Lovely Ruth, Recel and Sarah.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Play Casino Online And Get $808 Welcome Bonus!

It's gonna be a long weekend for me because Monday is a holiday and that means I don't have to work. For sure, I would be spending more time online and that also means more time to enjoy online casino for me and hubby. Since I discovered casino games online, we got hooked to it! What is great with my recent gambling casino discovery is its huge casino bonus that you just cannot resist! How do you want to get $808 welcome bonus at Joyland Casino? Would you pass this rare opportunity up? I don't think so! There are more bonuses and promotions for you there so you better check it out yourself. Share Joyland Casino among your friends especially those who love casino gambling because this site is designed perfectly for you guys! What a great way to spend a long weekend, isn't it?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belated Happy Hearts Day!

Two days have passed after Valentine's Day... how did you spend yours? Me and hubby did not go anywhere except to pick up cans of sardines at Tops because i was craving for sardines that day, lol! I cooked my rice as soon as i got home and ate it with my sardines in hot sauce, and problem solved! i told my hubby everyday can be al Valentine's Day anyway, why wait for the V Day to show your love to your special someone, right? We dined out at an American-Italian resto a night before but that wasn't really a Valentine's date cuz that was nothing special. But before the night was over, i was surfing on the net and saw something that i could give hubby for Valentine's Day so no matter how corny it is, i sent him a song and he was so tickled by it. I wanna share with you the corny song that i made specially for my dear hubby. I hope this special song makes you "kilig to the bones", hehe! Enjoy and again, belated happy valentine's day to all of you, i hope you had a great one!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zenni Optical Sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Starting At $8

People sometimes judge your personality by the kind of eyeglasses you are wearing. I used to think that those with thick glasses are the genius type, lol! Those were the days when prescription glasses looked so unfashionable. But time has changed! You can now wear glasses and wear them in style and fashion from the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical. And the great thing is: you can buy these glasses for a very low price of $8 per pair and with a case at Zenni Optical! Yes, Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses may sound unbelievable but I tell you, this is for real. To think this is of high quality is really a great deal! Visit this Great Discovery: Zenni Optical now and browse over their wide selection and start collecting those stylish prescription glasses without spending a lot! By the way, Zenni Optical welcomes international buyers too! No wonder, it is the leading seller of stylish prescription glasses online!

I got an early valentine gift!

I got an early Valentine's gift from my friend from downunder - Pepe the Great! I so love your blogs too Pepe, no doubt about that! Marlet also gave me this award and I wanna thank her for this. This is my first gift and i feel great that's why i could not help but share this to all of you on this month of hearts. Look around you people and let us share the gift of love... it is free anyway! But it is something that money could not buy or is it really? I guess so! Peng and Marlet, thanks for this! I wanna share this with my blogger friends who are in my list who come here to pay me a visit this month. Advance Happy Valentine's to all of you and this one's for you!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Find The Best Care Home For Your Loved Ones Through Bettercaring

A year ago, my friend's grandma moved to a care home after begging her to agree on this big decision and convinced her that it was for her own good. The family believed that moving her to a care home would be the best decision as no one could take care of her when she was left alone by herself everyday when everybody is gone for work. Grandma thought that they just wanna get rid of her which is so untrue. Anyway, she moved from one care home to another because the family wasn't happy with the services of the first two homes.

To avoid the trouble that my friend's family has gone through in finding the right care home, Bettercaring could definitely help, whether you are looking for a nursing home or a residential home. I have gone to this site before and I was truly amazed at the services they offer to their customers. It is where you could find the answers to your questions on anything about care. There is a lot of useful care information in this site that you could definitely use. Finding the right nursing homes that match your needs has never been so easy with the help of Bettercaring. Check it out!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Britain's got talent too!

If you think it is only in America where talents could be found, then you are absolutely wrong! We have a lot of talents in the Philippines too, no doubt about that! But I am also talking about Britain. Britain has got talents too and speaking of talents, this one cracked me up big time! I enjoy watching this guy show his talents off but unfortunately he didn't win the competition. The winner deserved it too. Anyway, if you haven't watched this show, here is what a real talent is all about. Enjoy watching!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Viagogo For Your Ticket Needs in Germany

One of my friends at work who lived in Germany for three years was showing us today some of her photos while there. I heard a lot about how beautiful Germany is; the flowers and trees, mountains and hills – they are just amazing! After 16 years, my friend will be back there for a visit, with her two kids who were born there. She said she will take the kids to Amsterdam and other nice places and makes sure they will have a great time.

Luckily for her, her visit will coincide with a big concert of her favorite Bon Jovi and she is so thrilled by this. Bon Jovi will perform in Amsterdam in June as part of his Lost Highway Tour. Knowing how popular Bon Jovi is, my friend is worried that she might miss this big event, as she has not bought the ticket yet. I assured her though that if she gets her ticket from Viagogo, she doesn’t need to worry about missing her idol. Viagogo has gained the reputation as the top ticket outlet in Germany. It connects ticket sellers and buyers and make sure its customers are happy. Each customer is almost assured of a seat; that’s how Viagogo takes care of them. It makes sure customers don’t miss any important events in their life by providing them with Tickets for major events such as Konzert Tickets, Theater Tickets or Sport Tickets. People in Germany are indeed very lucky to have Viagogo taking care of their ticket needs.