Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Women Love Dereon Shoes!

Guys, have you ever wondered why most women love shoes?  In addition to purses and diamonds, most women love quality shoes like Dereon shoes. So if you want to make your wife or girlfriend happy in any occasion like Christmas, Valentines, birthday, anniversary, or even on an ordinary day, give her something that makes her feel so special, something that could lift their spirits, cheer them up when they're down - shoes!

When it comes to shoes, I guess we all deserve a high quality pair of shoes that is recommended by fashion experts.  Dereon shoes offer the kind of comfort your feet need while making you feel so confident and good about yourself.  No wonder celebrities like Beyonce Knowles love Dereon shoes.

Fashion experts only say good things about Dereon.  Check out the different designs of Dereon shoes; from chic to sexy shoes and boots; whether it's for everyday, for party or special occasions.  Dereon addresses all your shoe needs.  If you want quality shoes, you cannot go wrong with Dereon shoes.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Relaxing mood ....

I am just chillin' out while listening to this very soothing music, the music of Kaori Kobayashi.  You have to listen to her best performances on her saxophone; she is definitely outstanding!  Here is one of my favorites.  Even if you are not crazy about saxophone, i bet you will love this!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Leading Hawaii Real Estate Helps You Find Your Next Property In Hawaii

Hawaii, for most of us is like a paradise.  The beautiful scenery, the weather, the food, and its people are beautiful.  Right after my cousin retired from the military service, she bought a beautiful house in Maui.  She invited all her relatives during the house warming and they all agreed that everything looked perfect. Before she moved there, my cousin did not know anybody there so when she was searching for a house, she did it on her own.  

The search could have been so difficult for her without the help of a leading Hawaii real estate that made it possible for her to find her place in a place she calls a paradise.  She said she could not ask for anything more.  You too can find the perfect place that you are looking for in Hawaii, whether it is a house, condo, apartment, villa, land or any property, name it , they got it.  

If you visit mauirealestate.net, you will be amazed how much you could find there in just a few clicks on your mouse.  The site is so easy to navigate whicht makes your search a lot easy.  Pick the specific location where you want your next place will be, type of property, view, size, cost, and other major things you want to consider.  Don't miss their listings of available properties that they update regularly.  Let the experts help you find your next place in Hawaii.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Learning Math The Fun Way

I have four kids and I know how hard it is to encourage them to study their lessons.  They try to avoid it if they could.  Imposing a study time is always a struggle.  I learned through the years that kids would easily learn if we make it fun for them.  Parents and teachers should think of innovative ways to do it.  

Over the years, educational toys and games have been invented to make learning an enjoyable and fun activity for kids.  By doing so, even the most difficult subject like Mathematics could be taught without making the kids feel that they are actually learning but they are just playing. Constructive Playthings has been known to provide toys and games that kids could play while instilling in them quality learning that they would enjoy doing.  Math manipulatives have been helping teachers and parents in teaching kids math the fun way.  

Find out what toys and games your kids need from Constructive Playthings and rest assured that every toy you find there is of the highest quality, safe, and fun to play, yet educational and effective toys your kids need to learn.  With their educational products, learning is indeed a lot of fun!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Filipino Christmas Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

Since it is Christmas time, i wanna share with you how we celebrate christmas in the Philippines. I was laughing so hard when i was watching this video of Mikey Bustos because i could very well relate especially about not taking the plastic wrap off our christmas lanterns even after using it for years. True, lol! Here is more of the christmas tutorial video.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Unhealthy Obsession

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

When my husband and I had trouble conceiving I got a little crazy. I started reading all of the fertility blogs and websites to try and figure out if there was something wrong with me. Deep down inside, I knew this was probably the worst thing I could do. We had only been trying for six months, and I hadn’t seen a fertility doctor yet. The reality was that common medical knowledge said that there was nothing wrong with us, but I drove myself insane thinking otherwise. It takes time for some people to conceive, and there was no reason for my behavior. I started getting so obsessed with figuring out what was wrong that my husband tried to call our clear internet provider and cancel our service. When I saw how bad I was stressing him out, and that he was ready to take action I started to get worried that I was doing more harm than good. Thank God I have my husband to keep me grounded and sane. I probably would have gone out of my mind if it wasn’t for him!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where To Find Legit Small Business Grants

Are you tired of your 9-5 job or are you tired of looking for one? I always hear people say that if only they have money, they would start their own business and be their own boss. If you have a knack for business, I guess running your own business in today's world, is the best way to go. You just need a small capital to start it.

Most successful businessmen start with a very small business. It is always better to start small because if you lose, you do not lose more than you invested. Most cannot even afford to start a small business and that is a sad reality. With a lot of patience, hardwork, strong determination, perseverance and positive thinking, I'm sure you will make it. In running a business you don't only need money but all these qualities, to be successful.

I just found today BusinessGrants.org, a very useful site that provides great opportunities, tips and advices for business owners and entrepreneurs in the US on how to get legit small business grants. Grants are free money! You may think getting free money is too good to be true but I tell you, small business grants are available around. With the qualities I have mentioned earlier, I believe you can easily find the grant you need.

The options seem endless and you just have to be resourceful and just keep on looking. You can check with you local government agencies, Federal government agencies, major corporations, the internet, your library, your network of friends, family and relatives, among others. Just don't stop looking around and be determined that you will find it so you can start the right business for you, at the right place and at the right time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is snowing!

Snow came late this year compared to the previous years. It was snowing this morning when i got up but it did not last long though, and that was the first time this year. I don't like the thought of winter. The cold is killing me. My skin would start to dry including my lips. If you are in a cold place like Buffalo in NY where I live, I bet you could relate with this.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ameriplan: Providing Quality Health Services Within Your Reach

Anything that has to do with health is important to me. We should try to live healthy to avoid getting sick. However, it is hard to avoid getting sick as we work around with other people and environment everyday. A lot of people don't realize that dental health is very important to the overall health of every person so it should not be taken for granted.

Maintaining a good health insurance is becoming too expensive these days that only few lucky ones could afford. My husband and I have one that could hardly help us financially when we get sick. My son badly needs braces for his teeth but we just could not afford it. We are trying to save for it but it would take forever for us to raise the amount for his braces. As I was searching online, I stumbled upon a discount dental plan that really took my interest.

I found out that with Ameriplan dental, I could get my son his braces with huge discount. Check it out and you will be amazed at how much you could save for the same quality dental services you and your family will need. Ameriplan is such a blessing to families like me and to those living in the same household, who could not afford to pay dental services at its regular costs. It makes sure that quality health services for your family are just within your reach. Find out how you can share this great medical plan among your friends and family and earn money at the same time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Makes Belaya Rus Vodka A Winner

To all vodka lovers out there, join the Belaya Rus vodka community at Facebook to know and share what people are saying about this vodka that people truly enjoy! What makes it a winner?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Texting lingo .....

Everyone is texting nowadays, even our grandmas, would you believe? They now use those short cuts or abbreviations or acronyms that are commonly used in texting. I have been texting since 1998 and i am pretty much familiar with the lingo. Those who are new to texting should be careful in using terms that they are not sure what they mean. Here is a good example:

All i can say is LOL!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whiteflash Has The Best Diamond Jewelry

Most women love jewelry especially diamonds. Women's love for jewelry is something that most men do not understand. My husband is one of them. As they say, a diamond is a woman's best friend. It gives those that wear it some highs, just like what women get from expensive shoes and purses. On a more practical aspect, quality jewelry is a great investment.

My friend introduced me to Whiteflash after she got her ring at a store that sells singapore engagement rings online. When it comes to high quality diamonds, Whiteflash is highly recommended. Whiteflash offers the convenience in buying ideal cut diamonds online. You can pick from their large selection of diamond jewelry in very elegant designs or pick a cut and have it set into any piece of jewelry. Whether you want a customized diamond jewelry or pick from their collection, Whiteflash has it. Whiteflash is for the international market. It is practically for everyone.

If you are in Sydney, for instance, you can easily get the best quality diamond from jewellery sydney. I even shared it with my friend in Canada and she is now crazy about toronto diamond jewelry. So men and women out there, don't you think you deserve a perfect gift like diamond jewelry for Christmas? Whiteflash is the best place to be! Go check it out!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppies Vs. Babies! Cast Your Votes Now!

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have four kids so I can confidently say that I obviously love babies.  Growing up, I really didn't have interest about pets especially puppies until I got one when my kids were all grown up.  I realized how much joy these pets are capable of giving to those who take care of them.  And yes, they are so cute, just like babies.  If you ask me who is cuter between the puppies and the babies featured in the Puppies vs. Babies online contest, I can say that I am voting for the puppies.  

I have nothing against babies especially those in the contest because they all are equally cute but I found more puppies cuter than the babies.  I think puppies that can show that they are capable of doing something that babies can do are just amazing but I did not see any baby in the contest showing off something special that puppies usually do.  That made me pick puppies over the babies, in the contest.  If you want to see what I am talking about, I urge everyone to join in this fun Puppies vs. Babies contest that is ongoing right now.
Unfortunately, submission of entries is over but you can still join the last phase of the contest which is the voting phase so please cast your votes now.  Who do you think is the cutest baby or puppy in the contest?  The baby or puppy that gets the highest votes will win $5,000.  Feel free to leave your comments about your vote.  If I had the chance, I could have entered my cute puppy to the contest and might have a great chance of winning, who knows.  My puppy Penny is so lovable and possessive of me that she is always by my side and even sleeps next to me in my bed.  Here is the photo of my puppy Penny.  Isn't she cute? 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!

I just finished talking to my sister over the phone. I just wanted to greet her on her birthday but we ended up talking for almost two long hours and it is a long distance call. My sister just turned 53 today. My wish for her is: that God will shower her with the best of health and that He may always keep them safe. Happy birthday dear sister! Another year older, lol! Don't worry, it's gonna be my turn next week as i add another year to my life.

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NFL Apparel For Tall And Big Guys

Has anyone started shopping for the holidays yet? I do my shopping online so it is not that stressful for me and besides, I pretty much know what my kids want for their Christmas presents. My son who has grown tall so fast has always wanted any nfl apparel. I don't care if there is no more excitement about what they get from me as presents. What is more important for me now is knowing they would appreciate it and would actually use it.

I used to think hard on what to give them; something that would surprise them and make them happy but most of the time, they were not crazy about it and I learned my lesson. Now, I ask them what they want and that's what they get as long as it is within my budget. My son always finds something at KingSize that he wants. I even find stuff there for my husband since they got men's clothing for tall and big people.

KingSize has become one of my favorite stores to visit. You should check it out for some neat christmas gift ideas for your loved ones or even for yourself. Also, don't miss the clearance sale going on there right now.

Nice Draperies On Sale At BrylaneHome

I am so happy today because I finally found the curtains that I have been looking for. For a long time, I have been telling my husband that I really wanted new sets of draperies for our bedroom and living room. Would you believe I have been using the same curtains since we moved in this house three years ago? I badly need a replacement and hubby agrees with me.

I wanted to hang different sets for summer or spring and different curtains for winter. My curtains are hung there all-year round. Soon, it's gonna be winter and I need to have new sets before that. I found very elegant sets at amazingly low prices at BrylaneHome and I even ordered three sets in a heart beat. You should take a look at their large collection. They are definitely worth the money. It is perfect for the holidays too.

Curtains add ambiance to every home. Visit BrylaneHome today and I tell you, you will not leave the site without getting some of their nice draperies available there. I might go back there and pick some more which is really not a bad idea.

Chubby kid dancing ...

Here is a chubby kid who can dance his heart out, lol! In fairness, he dances so well and it seems that his weight is not at all a hindrance to his great dancing skills. I enjoyed watching this kid. Can you beat his dancing prowess? No way for me, hehe! Watch this kid who can give professional dancers a run for their money. Have fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Makes This San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist So Famous

Do you know how much having bad teeth affect the way you live your life? I am not exaggerating but it has a great negative impact on the way we deal with other people. My daughter does not know how to smile to the point that people think she is snobbish. She is just too conscious about opening her mouth because she is too embarrassed of her bad teeth. Imagine how awful would you feel about trying to keep your smile because of that.

She lived like that for many years until she turned 24 when she finally decided to get it fixed. Imagine the long years she wasted for not being able to smile. I love to smile; it is the only thing I can give to people for free which may mean a lot to them. If you have bad teeth or some dental issues that are already affecting how you live, it is high time that you get it done. There are dentists that do amazing jobs in bringing back your smile and live a happy life.

One that is worth mentioning is the famous San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. John Moore, DDS. He is known to do magic in solving your dental problems. Using the latest technology, more than 25 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and the passion to give solution to people's dental problems, the Cosmetic Dental Associates has always been proud of his cosmetic creations. What are you waiting for? You just don't know what you are missing. I tell you, there is a certain magic that a smile can bring and you owe it to yourself.

Get IT Certication For A Successful IT Career

The IT industry is a booming industry so it is not surprising if a lot of people are interested to pursue an IT career. My daughter finished a course in IT but months after she finished, she still could not find a job that is related to her degree. Most of the companies only hire those with IT certification. I did not expect it to be that hard in finding a job. I thought that finishing a degree is enough but I was wrong.

If you want to be successful in an IT job, make sure you get a certification first before looking for a job. CBT planet offers IT Certification Courses that you can take in different ways. You can take the course online at your own pace from the comforts of your home through their CBT videos. You may also opt to attend an instructor-led training in boot camps or attend onsite training where they bring the training to your location.

Whichever method you pick, their main goal is to help you pass the exam and get certified. Go check it out with CBT Planet on the specific certification courses you want to take because they got everything that you need to help you attain a successful career in IT.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rosie and Sophia are back in Ellen show!

I can't get enough of these girls - Rosie and Sophia! Talk about hyper; Sophia is just like that, an extreme opposite to her cousin Rosie. She can talk forever while Rosie is just so cute and shy but that makes the tandem. I watched the video on their first visit to the Ellen show where Ellen surprised the girls with the appearance of their idol Nicki Minaj. The girls just got back to the Ellen show and if you missed it, here is the video. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Steam Team Is The Best In Carpet Cleaning In Austin

I was so excited to hear from my friend in Austin, Texas who just had another baby. I was talking to her over the phone when I heard her screaming to her three year-old boy. I found out he dropped his food on their new carpet and the food was all over. She said it sure stained the carpet, with all the sauces on it. I told her that they are lucky to be in that area because I heard about the household carpet cleaner austin that is really doing a great job, according to my other friend who has been talking highly of them.

My friend has been hiring their services since she moved in Austin five years ago. I guess she found a household buddy in these amazing carpet and furniture cleaners. They are superb in making your old carpets look clean and new, free of odor and stains. They also clean your household furniture using tools that really work. It is so easy to get in touch with them. Just visit http://www.thesteamteam.com so you can see the many services available for every home in Austin. Bookmark the site now because I'm sure you will need their services anytime in the future.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stand Up For Family From American Family Insurance

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance. All opinions are 100% mine.

The family that laughs together stays together.  In my family, we all have our own preferences in the kind of shows that we watch but the only time we all gather in front of the TV is for family comedy shows.  My family loves to laugh and for us, these family comedy shows bind us together.  When we talk about family comedy shows, Stand Up For Family first comes to mind.  I watched all the videos and enjoyed all of them because I could relate to most of them.  

The video that really cracked me up was that of Mark Viera's video, " In The Window" which is about a nosey grandma.  My late grandma was exactly like that - nosey beyond compare.  She was in her late 80's, could hardly hear and see.  Despite her condition, she would love to sit by the window and watch people pass by as if she could see and hear them.  She loves to listen to gossip and shares them with us at the dinner table.  I am glad that AmFam brought us these stand up family comedy shows that everyone in the family would enjoy.  

These videos show the importance of family as each comedian talks from experience that each of us could easily relate with.  My family is everything to me and everything that I do is for them.  I'm sure most of us do.  If you are like me, you should get time to watch these videos that are brought to us by American Family Insurance and I am so sure you could relate to most, if not all of them.  We should stand up for our families because at the end of the day, they're all that we got!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I love Mikey!

I found this tutorial hilarious because i can relate, lol! If you are not a Filipino, you may not find this funny. Filipinos find white women beautiful and they idolize celebrities who don't look like Filipinos. Women spent money on whitening creams and cosmetic surgeries like nose lift, etc. Here in the US, most of my american friends find my dark skin perfect and my flat nose cute, lol!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Easiest Way To Find Edmonton Apartments For Rent

I have finally confirmed a trip to visit my relatives in Edmonton in Canada next weekend. Hubby and I will be spending the weekend with them and I am so excited to see them and their kids and of course, their new place which they claimed as one of the best apartments for rent in Edmonton. They have been inviting us to see their new place which they enjoy a lot, thanks to a friend who recommended RentEdmonton.com to them. Their search for a new place in Edmonton has never been so easy.

I actually visited the site just for kicks and I could say this is a very useful site for those who are looking for a place - whether a house, apartment, condo or townhouse - for rent around Edmonton area. It is so easy to navigate. Just click on a particular area in Edmonton where you want to move to see the details of each property available for rent there. You can simplify your search by type of property, number of bedrooms, and price. If you or someone you know is looking for a place to rent in Edmonton, RentEdmonton.com can help you out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This makes me dance, lol!

This song has been playing in my mind for the past two days. Whenever i hear this song, i can't help but dance, lol! I miss my ballroom dancing' it's been awhile. I don't even understand the song but this is an old song that i'm sure anybody my age is familiar with. Ok, are you ready to dance?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls Love Wallets

I have three girls and I know how much they love purses and wallets, just like their mom. I guess most women love bags as much as they love shoes. When my kids were younger, I could buy them anything that I wanted for them but as they grow older, that did not work anymore. They had their own "taste" of fashion that was very different from mine so I could no longer insist the things I wanted for them and parents should consider this.

If you want to please your daughters, nieces or girlfriends, and make sure they appreciate and use what you give them, you can get a lot of wonderful ideas online. Aeropostale is one online store I always visit. It is a cool place that sells nice stuff for kids like Aero girls wallets and bags that I am so sure girls would love to have. You can also find other kids' items like clothing and accessories. There is actually a huge sale going on at Aeropostale right now so if you don't want to miss it, you better hurry before it's too late. Visit the store now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top China Sourcing Service Provider

If you look around you, you can see that almost everything is made in China. This just shows that many companies all over the world are into china sourcing. For people who manage their businesses, china sourcing may sound easy but I'm afraid not. China sourcing takes a lot of process and if you are not careful, you will end up losing. Of course you can find information on how to do china sourcing online but there is no guarantee you will pick a good Chinese manufacturer. Most likely, you will get to work with a company that will supply you with poor quality products. Believe me, you don't want to put yourself in that position, do you?

I have friends who learned their lessons the hard way. Now, they only trust the China Performance Group (CPG), the expert in china sourcing and their business have never been so successful. CPG makes sure you only work with good chinese manufacturers and get the best quality products at reasonable cost. Their long years of experience in providing china sourcing services have put them on top of the business. CPG saves you the hassles of going through the process. If you need help in the management of your china sourcing programs, don't hesitate to ask CPG for help because they are the best in the business.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs ..

With the passing of Steve Jobs, the whole world is mourning for sure. He made such a great impact on everyone. What a genius! I believe he is an example of a life brought to success by luck, and right timing - being at the right place at the right time. Just for laughs, here is an image i saw posted at FB by Maurizio Goetz.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Business Valuation Experts In NYC

Businesses, big or small, have a common goal - to make profits. The best way to determine the real financial status of your company is through a well-written financial report - complete, organized and accurate. This is a huge task for the company staff to handle. Why not give the job of doing your financial reports to the experts? I guess you can save more money if you just hire professionals to do the job.

Most companies in the US especially in New York recognize the excellence of Cohen Greve and Company (CG) in Business valuation NYC. They have a paluationool of accounting experts that will provide high quality accounting services to your company. They assess your company, study the way you run your business and make recommendations on how you can do it better to reach your business goals.

In addition to accounting services, CG also provides other services such as auditing and tax services, taxation, and financial, estate and retirement planning. CG will make sure the financial aspect of the company is in place. This is very important especially during tax season. Focus your time in improving your productivity while giving the accounting aspects to the experts!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is it really that bad?

Is the concept of getting married really that bad to this kid or the thought of marrying the little girl is the one that made this boy cry so hard, lol! I do not know how to react to this video. At first i thought it was funny but when i watched it again, i found it a bit disturbing. Why would kids even talk about getting married? Watch this video and tell me what you think?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Pain Management Doctor In New York

After doing a lot of walking during my recent short vacation to Pennsylvania, I feel sore all over especially in my back and legs. I know this is normal because I have not done this kind of activity for a long time. If you are suffering from back or neck pain that may be caused by an injury or just suffering from pain for a long time, you should not take it for granted. I heard about a very good pain management doctor new york that has gained a reputation for providing a personalized kind of pain treatment for each of their patients.

New York Pain Care provides the best treatment for neck and back pains where they treat their patients with a special kind of care and personalized treatment because to them, each patient is a special case. My boss recently took three days off and went to New York. We thought it was just a simple vacation but he told us when he got back that he went for a treatment for his neck pain.

The pain must have been caused by a mild injury where he fell down on a floor and hurt his neck. He had to go to New York upon the strong recommendation of a fellow doctor and he said that the trip was all worth it. For those who are suffering from neck or back pain for a long time, you do not have to suffer any longer. Go see a pain management specialist and live a pain-free life.

Straight Talk Adds Android To Its Top Brand Phones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.


My husband and I just got back from a quick and unplanned trip to Pennsylvania.  We were both using iPhones which were pretty much useless most of the time we were there.  We could hardly get a signal in most of the places we visited, including the hotel where we stayed.  My kids were trying to get in touch with me but failed.  Losing signal and drop calls are not what we are expecting for an expensive plan.  
It just reinforces the idea that a prepaid phone service like Straight Talk is a lot better service than most expensive plans we know.  With Straight Talk, we don't deal with "no service" and drops calls because it has proven to have a great reception connectivity and nationwide coverage, aside from the convenience it provides without a contract.  Everything you need in a phone is provided by Straight Talk at a low cost.
 Call a friend anytime without having to worry about the bills.  With Straight Talk, , I can call my sister and two brothers, who are living overseas, more often.  Paying $499 a year for unlimited service is a great deal that is almost impossible to beat.  If you are not happy with your phone service right now, think about it.  You don't consider Straight Talk as Hook, line and sinker for nothing.  You can get the phone you want from its choices of high brand phones; and recently added Android on Straight Talk.  Use Straight Talk and save lots of money!  

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Loverbaka Kids: The Pride of Butuan City

As one who lived most of my growing up life in Butuan City in the Philippines, I feel so proud to see these kids as they gave out a very outstanding performance in Pilipinas Got Talent. They call themselves the Loverkada Kids, composed of young girls from Butuan City, ranging from 9-14 years old. Watch out for these kids because I believe they will go a long way.

Top Carpet Cleaning Companies In Austin

It has been raining the past days. I sense a stinky smell in the house as soon as I get in the door. I believe it was the carpet that got wet when we forgot to close the window while husband and I were at work. We did not expect it would rain that day. The carpets need cleaning anyway and it's about time to really get the services of carpet cleaning professionals in our place, just like the Steam Team in Austin, Texas.

The Steam Team has been a household name in Austin because it continues to provide the best cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings. They sure got the top carpet cleaning companies austin which make the people of Austin very lucky. If you need some cleaning done in your homes or offices, just visit http://www.thesteamteam.com/austin-cleaning-services/upholstery.shtml and you will see why the Steam Team has remained as top provider of such services in Austin.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Easiest Way To Find A Place To Rent In Calgary

My friend has finally got accepted to a teaching job in Calgary. The offer is too good not to accept it so he decided to take the offer and take the whole family there. He does not know anybody in Calgary and he is a little worried about moving there. As it turned out, looking for a place was a lot easier than he expected as there are so many Calgary apartments available to choose from. With the help of RentCalgary.com, he easily found the apartment he was exactly looking for. They will be moving in two weeks and I am so excited for this new place and new job for my friend and his family.

So, for those who are looking for a place to rent in Calgary - whether you are looking for an apartment, house or town home, just visit RentCalgary.com and start your search from there. Pick the area in Calgary you are moving to, then search among the apartments, houses and town homes available in that area; with matching descriptions, photos and price details. For a quick search, you can sort by price, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Place to visit in PA

My husband and I might be driving towards south - that is in Pensylvannia - tomorrow without a particular place to visit in mind. I'm sure there are places that are worth a visit there, just like in any place. Anybody has a place you can recommend? We just want to take off; visit PA since it is the closest state to us and go from there. We might be gone for a day or two. I think I need the help of google, lol! I am excited!

Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 Now Available!

Good news to all science fiction fanatics out there! Pressure Suite, the Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 is now available at Amazon for Amazon Kindle and from Smashwords for other digital formats. The print version is coming out soon. To complete your collection of your science fiction books, also watch out for the Digital Science Fiction Anthology 4, the last of the series for this year, that will come out next month.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buy Wholesale Medical Uniforms And Save A Lot

It has been a year since we bought scrubs for our medical staff and they still look new despite wearing it multiple times in a week. There is no question about the quality of scrubs at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com. Most hospital employees who need to wear scrubs always recommend buying from there. I cannot tell how many times I shared this store with my friends and relatives and so far, I hear no complaints. In fact, we are getting another sets of medical uniforms for our new fellows who joined us recently.

I personally love the various designs and style of their scrubs, coats, uniforms, not to mention the high quality and of course the excellent customer service you get from them. Enjoy the special deals and save a lot of money especially if you buy wholesale medical uniforms. When it comes to scrubs and medical uniforms, there is only one thing that comes to my mind - the Blue Sky Scrubs! Visit the store so you will see what I am talking about.

Get Paid To Blog!

I have been into paid blogging since 2005 and I enjoy it a lot. I find satisfaction every time my posts get approved by advertisers and of course every time I get paid. I do a lot of shopping online and that is where most of my earnings from blogging go. One important tip I want to share with bloggers who want to make money from blogging is to always write quality posts.

Advertisers always prefer to buy blog links from bloggers who own decent websites and could write quality posts. It’s good to know there are sites like LinkFromBlog that provides a venue for bloggers and advertisers to meet. Advertisers need to promote their companies through blog advertising so they need bloggers like us to do the task for them. In return, we get paid for doing it. If you are a blogger, sign up now and start making money!

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Moymoy Palaboy!

I was looking around You Tube for some entertainment and got introduced to Moymoy Palaboy, a very popular duo in the Philippines when it comes to mimicking. I was so entertained, i cannot help but share one of their latest videos where they did Super Bass with a popular Pinay actress Rhian Ramos. They are so fun to watch; i had to subscribe to their videos. You will definitely enjoy it!

Pin Mart: For Your Custom Pins Needs

There are many ways to promote a product, a service, any cause or an important event in any organization. One of the most cost-effective ways is through custom pins. Custom pins are popularly used in any promotional activities. When it comes to custom pins, Pin Mart is known to be one of the top providers in this business. If you are interested in using custom pins in your next activities, here is how it works with Pin Mart. First, ask for a quote or call them and talk to one of their expert designers about your needs. Talk about the message you want to impart to your target clients.

Based on your ideas, the designer will discuss or recommend the best options available and come up with a design for your approval. You will work with the designer until you come up with the best design that gets your approval. There is no limit as to the number of revisions so the final design should be the right one for you. Once approved, they will start production works and deliver it to you quick. If you are are preparing for events that you want to promote, Pin Mart is the best place to go!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quality Wide Calf Boots On Sale

Since I found the store where people with bigger than the average size could buy their stuff, it has become one of my favorite places to visit online whenever I need to buy something for a family member. I just got my niece a nice pair of boots, which is a perfect match to her new dress that I also gave her on her recent birthday.

I used to have a hard time looking for a present on her birthdays or Christmas until I found this place. I'm really glad my friend at work introduced me to OneStopPlus and I am also able to share this with my friends and family. I just bought two pairs of Wide Calf Boots for myself and I am excited to get them in the mail. You should check their collection and I tell you, you will love it!

For those who want to save some money for the holidays, you better grab them now because they are offering big discounts up to 50%. We could use some money for something else. Christmas is just around the corner and we know what these holidays cause us - money! Start buying your presents now! Buying it online is the best way to go!

This Crazy Little Thing Called Love ...

I heard a lot about this movie and everyone said it is a good movie, including my kids. I am curious so i checked it out in You Tube. It looks like a common story about romance - high school romance. So, what is good about it? I guess people say it is good because most can relate to the story. We tend to be stupid when it comes to love. It is a cute Thai movie with cute kids in it and beautiful scenery i think. I have not seen the movie but a glimpse of the video so i cannot really say but here is a brief video:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

CigArrest Helps You Quit Smoking

My father started smoking when he was 14 until he died at 65. I believe his long years of smoking contribute a lot to his early demise. He attempted to quit smoking many times but failed. We all know that smoking is hazardous to health and I know most users, at one point in their life, tried to quit smoking. It is easier said than done. If only my father knew about CigArrest, I'm sure it would have been a different story and who knows, he could have been alive today.

CigArrest is known to be very effective in helping smokers quit smoking. Most cigarrest reviews could attest that is very safe and no adverse effects. It uses six different herbal ingredients that work together to help smokers fight not only the physical but also the psychological reactions that are brought about by the withdrawal from nicotine. These ingredients are present in cigarrest tablets, gum and Lozenges.

If you are a smoker and decide to quit, CigArrest is best for you! Try the starter kit and I'm sure you will never regret it. CigArest, however,is just an effective tool for you to attain your goal. The success of quitting smoking largely depends on you but cigarrest will definitely help you succeed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips In Choosing A Good Bankruptcy Attorney

Whatever we do with our life today has an impact to the kind of life we will have in the future. Major financial decisions like bankruptcy should be taken seriously because it can make or break our future. It is very important to choose a bankruptcy attorney who can be trusted. When my husband filed bankruptcy seven years ago, he left everything in the hands of his lawyer. I guess we were lucky we found a good bankruptcy attorney upon the strong recommendation of his best friend who also filed bankruptcy years before my husband did.

The lawyer has already handled so many bankruptcy cases in our area. He is very compassionate with his clients and he does not rip them off. In fact, he allowed my husband to pay him in easy terms. Most lawyers I know are only doing it for work or business, and popularity. My husband's lawyer knows how to make us understand the law. He has long years of experience in handling bankruptcy cases in court. Most of all, he has a heart.

Don't just pick the first lawyer that offers his services. Look around. Ask for feedbacks from previous clients. Personal references are important but if you have to pick a lawyer, do not hesitate to talk to them personally so you know if you are comfortable with them. Are you willing to entrust your life to this person? If you find someone like this or at least close to this, you will never go wrong.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of Cary bankruptcy attorneys and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Congratulations Miss Angola!

Miss Angola won as this year's Miss Universe among 89 contestants from different countries all over the world. She is a stunning beauty and deserving of the title. I forgot about the pageant so I had to watch the delayed telecast online. The funny thing is: someone was so quick to make a video about it particularly the Q&A portion on Miss Angola. Except for Miss Philippines, the finalists had interpreters during this portion. Anyway, here is a video made for fun only. No pun intended. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashionable Plus Size Coats

My niece is celebrating her 18th birthday next week and I had a hard time thinking what to give her on her special day. I was in a social networking site where I read someone mentioned about plus size coats. I just got a bright idea on a perfect gift I could give my niece - a nice coat! I'm sure she would love it as she badly needs it but she does not really make an effort to get it. She must have thought she could not easily find it in most stores.

I think she would really look good in a nice coat and I'm glad I have found the best place for Plus Size Coats. It is actually the best gift that I could think of. It is very fashionable and looks very comfortable and makes her feel like every bit a woman. It's good to know there are places like this that thinks about fashion for bigger size women. I guess that is what fashion is all about. It does not only apply to young and slim people. It should be for everyone. Women out there who have bigger body built, this place is for you. Don't miss the special deals available in the site right now.

Inspired to write...

I am surprised about myself today. Despite feeling crappy because i am not feeling well, i was able to write at least five writing tasks today and i could even write some more. I guess it was the shot of rum or the migraine pill that i took that is keeping me so energized, lol! Man, i am so high and I'm glad writing is my trip! When i feel like this, i take advantage of it and do what i feel like doing, There are times i could not even write a simple 50-word post but not this time. Love it!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walt Disney World Resort: The Best Place To Stay In Orlando

One of my office mates recently took her daughter to Disney World in Orlando as her promised reward for her doing great in school. She showed us the photos taken while there which got my interest in pursuing my long-time Disney World dream. They stayed in Walt Disney World Resort, which to me would be a treat in itself. It is conveniently located right at the heart of the city which is close to the great attractions around the area especially the Disney World.

The amenities in the resort is amazing, well-designed for comfort, convenience and fun. I guess your money is all worth it if you spend it on something like this. If you want to make sure you will have a wonderful stay in Orlando in your next visit there, I urge you to stay in Walt Disney Resort. You will never regret it!

My husband has never been crazy about going there because he thinks it is only good for kids but when I showed him the website, he was pretty much convinced we should consider going there in our next trip. We have not been to Florida but we are seriously considering visiting the place next summer. It should be fun!

Kids Love Large Indoor Water Parks

Summer time is a great time to bond with families. Parents should plan their summer family bonding time very well to make sure that each time will be memorable especially for their kids. Think about what kids love to do and if you ask me, I'm sure you would agree with me if I say that kids love fun, fun and more fun. Kids love to play - in parks, amusement centers and of course water parks and other places that offer fun Activities for Kids.

When I think about it, there is only one place that comes into my mind, the Great Wolf Resorts which are available all over the country. They are known for providing fun activities for kids especially their large Indoor Water Parks. If you are planning for your next summer treat for your family, it won't hurt to check out on these places now.

I'm sure your kids would love it and they will always look forward to this great bonding with you every time. For parents, it's all that matters, isn't it? It is easier to manage and look out for our kids when they are in one place and this is what this place offers. Check it out!

Pinoy TV Online, anybody?

Anybody here can recommend where i could watch Pinoy TV online that does not give me a lot of popups, malwares and virus? I have tried so many online TV sites already and as i stick to one site, the site suddenly turns bad. Sometimes i get so frustrated as i have some shows i watch everyday and i don't want to miss any episode. It has been part of my daily routine to watch Pinoy TV online. I guess i just miss home so much and this is one way to cure my home sickness and to make me feel close to home. This makes me updated too of what is going on in my homeland.

Your Kids Will Love TracFone

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

My son went on a camping with his cousins and the whole time that they were there, I did not get the chance to get in touch with him on his expensive phone.  Good thing most of his cousins are using TracFone which never lost connectivity and the reception was really great  throughout.  Real TracFone customers and even my son believe that TracFone really works great.  Some of my friends who are using TracFone could vouch for it.  

So many features and its amazingly low cost, being a prepaid service, makes TracFone different from the rest.  This is highly recommended for your kids so you can easily get in touch with them anytime and anywhere.  There are different plans to choose from.  It is very convenient because you can pay as you go online or buy cards from most retail stores nationwide.  There is another great feature that my friend is using for her son - the double the minutes for the life of your phone, which you can get separately for only $19.99 and if you get lucky, this could be included in some phones.  

Phone choices are wide but rest assured TracFone only uses high brand phones.  Another great thing about it is their international calling rate which only costs like any regular call.  Isn't that great?  All in all, there is truly a lot of savings you could make in using TracFone.  It has no contracts, monthly bills and charges to worry about and you can easily shift from one plan to another anytime without penalties.  Real TracFone customers love it and I am not surprised.  Here is a video from one of its thousands of happy TracFone customers, 


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I Heart Bruno Mars!

Since I am not feeling well today, I am in a senti mode listening to the music of Bruno Mars. I learned to love his songs even if husband is sick of listening to his songs as i keep on repeating them, lol! I don't listen to the radio and watch TV often so i have no way of knowing what music is popular nowadays so i just keep myself updated by my kids. They tell me what songs they listen to and i google them and listen to them and if i like them, i buy them from iTunes. I don't want to be left behind, you know. I love music and I cannot live without it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Best Leaflet Delivery In UK

One of the best strategies in promoting your business is through leaflet delivery because you can be sure it goes right at the door of your target clients. But this job is not easy - it is time-consuming. If you are in UK, you are lucky to have someone who can do the best Leaflet Delivery for you and makes sure you get your message across - to the right people, at the right time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Wang and Only

I was just surfing around You Tube looking for something worth watching and I stumbled upon this video of two Filipino toothless kids showing their great talent in lip synching (not sure about the term). They are so funny and i found out they got more than 20 videos of other songs and they have become a hit in You Tube. I'm sure they're being toothless has a lot to do with it. Here is just one of their videos.

Monday, September 5, 2011

UCC Handles Your Ash Handling Concerns

In running a business, business owners should always take into serious consideration that they have also a social responsibility. This is not only for their communities but also good for their business. People usually support businesses that look out for their environment and for the people not only those working for them but also for the people around them.

Proper waste management is important in a business because if it is not done properly, it will badly affect the performance of a business, which would be the last thing a business owner would want to happen. Recognizing this need, the United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) has continued to be a pioneer in providing ash handling systems solutions to power generation industry. It provides the best technology and expertise in this area from the erection, start up, operator training and maintenance of the system.

Whether your business deals with bottom ash, fly ash, economizer ash and other waste materials, UCC has the right solutions for your concerns. They are not only known in the USA but in the whole world as well. For those in these kinds of business and want to improve on their performance, UCC could help you achieve your business goals, wherever you are in the world. Let UCC handle your ash handling concerns.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost collapsed playing collapse!

Yes, i feel close to passing out after spending so much time playing this addicting game called collapse. I used to playi this game before and it has been a while until yesterday when i thought of playing it again. I spent the day playing collapse after playing more than 4 hours playing collapse last night too. Now, i am paying for it. My eyes are sore, my head seems so light, i feel a headache coming and my back aches so bad. I blamed hubby for installing the game in my desktop, i guess he is so tired seeing me watching my videos online. But i still watch my videos though, while playing collapse, lol! It's a long weekend and the weather is not that cooperative so we are not planning on spending it somewhere but home. So, folks, enjoy your long weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers Online!

Hackers are everywhere online so it is very important to take safety precautions seriously. Get the best copy protection and licensing scheme to preserve your properties. You cannot just take the risk of losing stuff that you have been working hard for, can you?

Do You Want To See Your Business On Top Of The Search Page?

How would you like to see your business land on top of the list when people search companies in your area? Considering the long list of companies offering same services like you do, it seems impossible, isn’t it? The great news is: MindBOX, an expert in Google local search marketing, is here to help you in making your business very visible to your target clients within your area.

Friday, August 26, 2011

LSS: Price Tag

I have been singing this song for days and I don't know why! I sing it when i get up, i sing it while at work, i sing it in the car and i sing it before going to bed. What's with this song? They say that to change your last song syndrome (LSS), listen to other songs and that's what i did. I try to change my song by listening to other songs, play my music playlist but i still get back to this same song - Price Tag! This must be one of the songs that have lingered in my head for so long. Listen to it:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Place To Stay When Visiting New York City

Before I got here in the US, I would always hear people say that your visit to the USA will not be complete until you see "the big Apple", New York City. It got me so curious and I promised myself that NYC would be on top of my list of places to visit once I get here. I believe that for a wonderful holiday vacation, one has to put into serious consideration the place where to stay. I can't wait to visit New York and in my first visit, I want to make sure it would be a memorable one.

I would like to book my stay at the intercontinental new york upon the prodding of my sister-in-law. Located in Times Square, the hotel is truly a perfect place to stay. With all the amenities available in the hotel, staying there is already a worthy experience. Even my husband, who never cared to see NYC, got so interested upon visiting the hotel website.

Next time you visit NY, check out intercontinental new york which will put you right at the heart of the city, thus, accessible to almost everything. That way, you will have much fun and a totally wonderful experience. I can't wait! Even husband seems excited about this whole trip!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love to shop at Walmart!

This is not a promotion for Walmart but honestly, i love shopping at Walmart. I also enjoy watching people shopping at Walmart and speaking of Walmartians, here is a funny video I saw somewhere. I am not sure if this is a video of real Walmartians or just shot for fun but maker of this video claims this is of real people shopping at Walmart. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TracFone Is Perfect For Your Kids

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids used to be included in the family plan for our cell phone service but they would tend to abuse it. They would do a lot of texting and calling that they ate up a large chunk of the bill. Every time we get the bill, we were always shocked by the amount. First, we confiscated their phones so they won't have phones for at east a week. We hated doing it and paying the bill but we got no choice. As parents, we see it necessary to monitor our kids and the easiest way is to give them cell phones.

I'm glad to hear about TracFone from real TracFone customers and thought it would be the best option. With TracFone, I could easily talk to my kids anytime, wherever they are so it is easy to get them together especially on family summer activities. Even with the one-year service which is only $119, is a lot cheaper than any other service I know and I think the "double minutes for the life of the TracFone" plus 800 minutes is more than enough.

By the way, the "double minutes for the life of your phone" is a feature that you can get separately for only $19.99, depending on the phone that you will use because this is already included in some phones..
You can also choose from 50 to 200 minutes per month for as low as $9.99 to $29.99, respectively. I could use their phone when I call my family overseas as I heard the rate is of same price as any other call. That is so cool.

According to some real TracFone customers, they love TracFone because it offers so many features and more options in the selection of top brand phones, the kinds of plans which are at much lower costs than other providers, no contracts, no shocking bills, more convenient, and a lot more benefits. Watch this video of one of those real TracFone customersrs who share their wonderful experiences about TracFone.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Secure Your Valuable Stuff In Seahorse Cases

Protect your valuable stuff in Seahorse Cases, the most secure, heavy duty but lightweight cases made by no other than Seahorse. It is water proof, dust proof, airtight and crush resistant so it is really perfect for any electronics gadgets like your laptop, digital, video, communications, and medical equipment, firearms, tools, gears and even your important documents. Secure them now in a Seahorse Case before it's too late. You don't want to lose your valuable stuff and feel sorry later, don't you?

A very inspiring story ....

This video always inspires me. I don't get tired watching Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs while he shares his life. It makes me love life more and learn how to value myself and life as a whole. His life gives hope to everyone that life is really beautiful and that God loves us. God has a big plan for each of us.

Collabera: Providing Quality IT Services And Solutions

To be competitive in today's world market,, businesses have to make sure they use the right information technology (IT) tools and strategies that they need to attain their business goals, which will of course, bring success to their business. Recognizing this crucial need, Collabera continues to provide quality IT services and solutions to most organizations all over the world. No wonder, it has gained popularity among businesses in financial services, technology, communications and media, manufacturing and retail, energy and utilities. With 6000 professional in its 19 offices in the US, Europe and India, Collabera is determined to continue providing the IT needs of its clients all over the world. If you need help along this area, get in touch with Collabera!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhema Marvanne sings The Lord's Prayer

This rendition of The Lord's Prayer by Rhema Marvanne gives me goose bumps and i don't know why. It is so inspiring, so touching, so real! Rhema Marvanne's story is truly an inspiration to everyone. Her mother died of ovarian cancer before she turned 8. She believes that she has her mother's voice and she just continues where her mom left off. This child is such an angel. She is just a child but she is like an old soul when she sings and talks. I love all her songs.

Interested In Day Trading?

One of the more risky businesses online is day trading, the selling and buying of security share within a single day. Just like in any kind of business, there are a lot of risks involved especially if you just plunge into it unprepared. Even those who claimed to have the knowledge and skills in day trading could still fail because of the unpredictable changes in the trading market.

If you really want to venture into day trading, you got to have the resources, a minimum of $2500 to start with. You got to have the knowledge of the market, know the trends and learn from day trader tips so you will be able to draw your own strategy that you think will most likely work. And of course, you need all the luck that you could have. If you think you have all these, then you may proceed but I tell you, there is never a guarantee for success in this kind of business.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flipping Houeses

This is a guest post from Lewis Beck

Has anyone ever tried to flip a house before? Oh my gosh- my husband and I thought that this was a good idea last year with real estate at such low values the past few years. We decided that we could get a fixer-upper in a great location for a cheap price, flip it, and then sell it when the market turned. This was a fantastic idea in theory, and less so in practice. I hate to say it, but if I could go back and un-do our decision, I absolutely would. From everything to the appointments with contractors and construction men and the architects to now finally renting it out it has been a full time job on top of an already very full schedule. Our renters are great and we chose them carefully, but it is a big deal being a landlord. We wanted them to feel safe, so checked out HTTP://www.AllHomeSecurity.com, like to keep their yard looking nice so they don’t have to maintain it, and feel like we are constantly changing light bulbs! If you’re thinking about flipping a house- don’t do it!

Paris Hilton visits Manila

Paris Hilton visited Manila and stayed there for five days. I guess it was a business trip. While there, she met up with famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee. On the opening of her store in Mega Mall, she disclosed that she will be back soon. I am not so fond of Paris Hilton but I am happy that she thought of putting up a business in Manila, which means that Manila is a potential location for businesses. That is free promotion for business owners and tourists as well.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

End Your Dental Problems By Finding The Best Dentists

Do you know that dental health problems may lead to other health complications like heart problems, if not taken cared of? Our dental health should not be taken for granted because it is more than the aesthetic value it provides us; it is an important part of our life that affects our whole image as a person. For instance, how can you smile if you have bad teeth? You may not be that embarrassed to smile but would you be confident about it? I guess not!

I used to take my dental health for granted. I used to find dentist visits expensive so I would just put is aside and was never a priority. I also used to have a fear of the dentist since I was a kid. Everything has changed though after I found the best Family Dentist that is taking care of my whole family in our dental problems. You too can find a dentist that will provide you with the best solution to your health problems.

The Smile Generation is highly recommended along this area. It is dedicated to helping people Find Dentists and also help in educating people in their dental health issues. They also provide some financial options that will leave you no reason not to attain the best dental health. If you have been looking for the best dentist for you and your family, the Smile Generation would be very happy to be of help.

Trip to PA

Yesterday was a long and tiring day for me and my hubby. We started a 4 1/2 hour-drive at 5AM to Pensylvannia and to attend a relative's funeral. We stayed for awhile after the funeral but had to head back home at 5PM and finally reached home at 11PM. I got up this morning with sore feet and I think the long walks while we were in the cemetery visiting loved ones' graves caused it. Today, I need to do some writing tasks before they expire. Oh well, this is the life of a paid blogger! But it's worth it! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pick The Best Bankruptcy Attorneys

There are things in life that are beyond our control. In managing our finances, for instance, sometimes we find ourselves struggling and giving up other things just to get by. No matter how we try to manage it well, we sometimes reach to a point when we need to weigh things over and make major decisions. My husband lost his job in 2003. The plant where he was working for 10 years suddenly closed shop and nobody saw it coming. We were caught off guard. We had bills to pay, kids to support and other necessary expenses. There was no other way but to file for bankruptcy. A family friend gave us an idea about it so we decided to pursue it.

Bankruptcy would save us from these companies chasing us for debts we could no longer afford to pay, that time. There are a lot of benefits but we cannot deny that there are also lots of disadvantages. For many years, we had to bear driving old cars because no company would grant us car loans because of the dilemma of a bankruptcy record which we all know is a public record. If we are lucky to get loans in any form, most likely, we pay high interests too.

At first my husband tried not to hire a bankruptcy attorney but since we did not have enough idea about bankruptcy, we thought we would be better off hiring one because of the complexity of the law. We’re glad we did because it would have been a very slow and expensive process if we did not seek the help of a lawyer. Who knows, we might have not been approved. There are so many bankruptcy attorneys around but I suggest you pick the best that you can trust.

I am participating in a blogger campaign in behalf of Nevada bankruptcy attorneys and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Young kids rock ballroom dancing

I so miss ballroom dancing. It used to be my way of working out when i was still working in the Philippines. We usually had ballroom dancing sessions after work and it was really fun. I quit only when i got pregnant with my youngest then went back to dancing as soon as i could and it was hard because i felt like i was back to square one. I felt my body was so heavy, i could hardly do a full turn. Anyway, here is a video showing how these young kids rock the dance floor with their amazing ballroom dancing skills.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk: Get Everything You Need In A Phone

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been in a situation where you want to get out but you just can’t? This is exactly how you would feel when you are unhappy with your mobile phone service and you cannot just get out of it because you signed a contract. What if I tell you that you can have everything you need in your phone without a contract, This is what Straight Talk could offer that you cannot find anywhere else. It may sound too good to be true but I tell you, Straight Talk is real! You should listen to what some of its happy customers are saying about Straight Talk by watching some of their videos.

With Straight Talk, you will enjoy the convenience, flexibility, great nationwide coverage and connectivity at a lot less cost on your part. You can pick any phone that you want among the top brands of phones like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. You can also pick a cheaper phone or opt for more sophisticated and smart phones where you will enjoy a lot of the cool features that you will get in an expensive phone. Truly a hook, line and sinker, don’t you think?

For less than $500 a year, you can enjoy unlimited calls, texts, picture messaging and use of web which gives you a lot of money saved. I could use some money and save it towards a plane ticket for a grand vacation to the Philippines. There is also a so-called “All You Need Plan”, a monthly plan that includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Even their international long distance calling plan is so flexible at a very affordable rate. With this rate, I could call a friend anytime I want. For those who are ready to change their phone service providers, Straight Talk is all you need!

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