Monday, August 30, 2010

I Love Wood Furniture

My husband and I have slowly replaced the old furniture in the house. We settled on rustic furniture, since most of our furniture in the living room, kichen, bedroom and even in the bathrooms are already made of wood. We just need to update some of them though. One of the furniture we really need to invest on is a rustic coffee table with rustic end tables. They would perfectly match with our rustic ceiling lights in the living room. It's good hubby and I both like anything made of wood so no arguments on that. We just argue on which to buy first. 

I love the ambience that is created with wood furniture; it’s so cool yet elegant. They also last longer, based on my experience. That’s why I don’t mind investing on it rather than buying cheaper non-wood furniture that only last for a short time. I started to get interested on rustic furniture when hubby and I saw them in one of the rooms where we stayed during one of our travels together. We thought they were gorgeous. We started on investing on it and never had any regrets with our choices so far. Most of our wood furniture is really dependable; they will last for a life-time.

Custom Business Cards

One way to promote your business is having your own business card. It certainly adds to the integrity and image of the company. It is also a lot better if you have a customized business card because it can describe what the business is all about. I have designed my own business card couple of years ago but I need to re-design and order a new set since most of the personal details in my previous card need to be updated.

If you need help in designing your business card, there are ways you can easily get help from and is just one of them. You can either pick from their design gallery and have it customized to suit your needs or upload your own design and get them printed. They are very flexible and could cater to your needs. The best thing is you don’t have to wait for long to have your own business card designed and printed. You can have them delivered fast and still get the highest quality custom printing business cards service at an affordable cost. I tell you, you can create an image, bad or good, by your business card so you have to make sure it is professionally designed. I may be exaggerating but a business card can help to either make or break your business.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Love You Miss Venus Raj!

The recent Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada created a lot of fuss over the answer of Miss Philippines to the Q&A portion.  Filipinos are very crazy about beauty contests and it was expected that almost all Filipinos were glued to their TV sets during the contest.  Here is a very hilarious video of a group of young pinoys while watching the show.  I die laughing while watching these kids.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Good Wife

Written by Sonny Quinn

One of my favorite things to do after a hectic day is sit down in the evening and watch one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife, on my my tv after we looked at this cable comparison. I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys drama, romance and comedy added to their courtroom shows. Alicia is the lead character. When her husband is stripped of his state attorney position and sent to jail for sex and corruption scandals, she must return to work to provide for her two children. She was formerly a lawyer and quickly finds a position at a firm run by a former college friend.

Each episode deals with several story lines. Peter, her husband, is attempting to be released from jail and is interested in a government position again. Alicia deals with the anger she has at her husband along with the growing attraction she has to her new boss. In the first season, she also had to prove herself valuable to the firm, as she was in competition with one other litigator for the sole junior associate position. As if that was not enough, she must also fight a court case each week.

Though it seems like it may be too cluttered to fit everything into a one hour show each week, it is done in such a way that all the stories are told without the viewer getting confused or lost. Actually, it is quite the opposite. When I am done watching it, I am already wishing I could watch the next episode!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My favorite thing to watch on HD TV

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Six months ago we called our directv deals in Ohio provider and told them that we wanted to be upgraded to High Definition TV. We have two huge LCD TVs, so we figured they needed to be put to better use. I was so excited to see what HD TV had to offer, especially sports wise.

Over the weekend X Games 16 was on ESPN. There are two sports I absolutely love watching, motocross and football. I first watched X Games on regular cable, then I switched over to High Definition, and let me tell you, the change was amazing. Everything was so much clearer on HD than on regular cable. There was no fuzziness like you usually see on regular cable and I loved that. I haven't had a chance to use HD to watch football yet, but the time is coming and I'm very excited. I have watched football on HD TV in restaurants and at friend's houses, and it is truly worth the money if you are big on sports. Most satellite TV providers offer special deals on HD channels, so I definitely recommend calling about it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friends at Facebook

I bet you have a Facebook account, it seems everybody has.  Everything is in Facebook  - games, businesses, and all kinds of applications.  When i was new at FB, i wanted to have as many friends as i could even if they were not really my friends, lol!  Later, i realized i really don't need a long list of friends but just few but real friends.  I cleaned up my list and started removing those i dont really know.  And speaking of FB, watch this video; it's hilarious, i promise, lol!