Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk: Get Everything You Need In A Phone

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been in a situation where you want to get out but you just can’t? This is exactly how you would feel when you are unhappy with your mobile phone service and you cannot just get out of it because you signed a contract. What if I tell you that you can have everything you need in your phone without a contract, This is what Straight Talk could offer that you cannot find anywhere else. It may sound too good to be true but I tell you, Straight Talk is real! You should listen to what some of its happy customers are saying about Straight Talk by watching some of their videos.

With Straight Talk, you will enjoy the convenience, flexibility, great nationwide coverage and connectivity at a lot less cost on your part. You can pick any phone that you want among the top brands of phones like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. You can also pick a cheaper phone or opt for more sophisticated and smart phones where you will enjoy a lot of the cool features that you will get in an expensive phone. Truly a hook, line and sinker, don’t you think?

For less than $500 a year, you can enjoy unlimited calls, texts, picture messaging and use of web which gives you a lot of money saved. I could use some money and save it towards a plane ticket for a grand vacation to the Philippines. There is also a so-called “All You Need Plan”, a monthly plan that includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Even their international long distance calling plan is so flexible at a very affordable rate. With this rate, I could call a friend anytime I want. For those who are ready to change their phone service providers, Straight Talk is all you need!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Amazing El Gamma Penumbra

I was watching Pilipinas Got Talent show online and was so amazed by the talent of these group who call themselves as the El Gamma Penumbra. I think there are about 24 of them in the group and they did shadow role playing (not sure how it's called) but sort of. It was amazing and I feel so proud of these kids. They were showing in a form of a shadow dance the beautiful places in the Philippines. I found a video of them in one of their performances although this was not exactly what they showed but most of it, in Pilipinas Got talent. Here is the video:

Charice at Glee Finale

I missed Glee's finale where young Filipina singer Charice gave a much-applauded performance. I thought of searching it on You Tube and i'm glad i found it and I want to share the video with you, especially to those who also missed the show. Here is one of Philippine's pride, Charice! This girl has much to offer, such a talent!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prescription Eyeglasses For As Low As $6.95 At GlobalEyeglasses

This post brought to you by globaleyeglasses. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had a rough day today at work. Aside from the heat, I forgot the most important thing that is crucial to my job everyday – my eyeglasses. Blame it on old age, I guess! That’s the problem with having only one pair of eyeglasses. I have been meaning to get a new pair because a replacement for mine is long overdue. It has been six years since I got mine and I paid a ridiculous amount for it. This is also the reason why I just have to be satisfied with just a pair. I could not afford to get a new one.

I heard about great news though. I can now get a pair of prescription eyeglasses for as low as $6.95. At first, I thought it seemed too good to be true so I just forgot about it until today after working all day without my eyeglasses. It was real hard working without it. I read a lot of good things about GlobalEyeglasses and for the price of their eyeglasses, I could get more than just a pair. Then I don’t have to worry if I forget mine at home because I could afford now to get a pair for work, one for home and maybe keep one in my purse. Isn't that cool?

Another cool thing they got at GlobalEyeglasses is the virtual mirror where you can upload your photo and try any of the eyeglasses from the wide selection they got. That way you can see which glasses would look good on you and you can even share it among your friends and family/ Most of all, these glasses are proven to be of high quality. So, affordability, quality, convenience and excellent customer service - these are what make GlobalEyeglasses stands out among the rest.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A very hot day....

Today is a very hot, humid day here at Buffalo. As i write this post, we are in the 90F which is like a heatwave for those who are used to a cold weather. I am used to to a Philippine weather which is hot all-year round but i still could not stand heat. As soon as I got home, i took a dip in the pool with a water temperature of 86F which was pretty warm and perfect for me. I stayed in the pool for an hour or so then had some leftover pork barbecue for dinner. That was a treat! I heard the temperature would be like this throughout the week. So, enjoy the heat, lol!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

HCG Drops: A Better Alternative To HCG Injections

Losing weight is such a tough battle because I have loved ones who have been in this battle for many years. They have tried almost everything they hear about and I am just happy that they have not given up. I talked to them about considering hcg injections but they told me they cannot afford paying for those injections plus the hassles of going for special trips to get those done not to mention the pain that comes with each shot. Well, I heard about this HCG weight lose program that does not require one to exercise. I heard it teaches one to lose weight in a healthy way by providing members with tips, recipes and appropriate tools. It also encourages using HCG drops instead of the injections which I heard is a lot better. For those who are struggling to lose weight, check it out!

Kitchen Makeover, Anyone?

Hubby and I have finally cleaned the sunroom and agreed that we need to put a mini kitchen there where we can cook anything especially when we have guests using the pool. We don’t have to go up the main kitchen when entertaining guests. Of course we need to have a sink too. A friend recommended that if we invest on a sink, we should make sure we get one of those best quality Undermount Kitchen Sinks and I absolutely agree. I want one that would last for a long time. So, that would be top in our list – to get an Undermount Kitchen Sink soon to fully enjoy summer. For those planning to have a kitchen makeover, check it out!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watch out for these kids!

I was watching the show "Pilipinas Got Talent" and was amazed by one of the contestants' performance by a group of kids from my beloved hometown - Butuan City. They call themselves the Loverkada Kids. They have indeed a spectacular performance that can bring pride to the Philippines. Their talents are worldclass! Watch this video so you will see what i am talking about!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crowd Control Products Are Necessary In Keeping Order

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to be like when people can just do as they please in public areas? For sure, there would be chaos. Controlling a crowd is a real tough job but because of the use of crowd control products that are commonly seen in public areas like airports, malls, stores, banks, hotel lobbies, parks, museums, concerts and other places, crowd control is a lot easy to handle. No wonder, if you look around you, you will see stanchions in various forms commonly used in keeping order among the public. Stanchions can be in a form of retractable belts, velvet ropes and other forms which can be customized according to your needs.

I cannot imagine the flow of traffic without those barricades especially where roads need to be closed or traffic rerouted. Barricades are necessary tools to provide order, security and privacy. These tools are designed to bring a message that is easily understood by everyone regardless of culture and race. It is pretty much made with a universal language so that these can be used regardless of where you’re at in the world.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paxil Is Bad For Pregnant Women

Paxil is known to work great to combat depression which is good. However, studies show that there is a great risk for women who take Paxil when they are pregnant of giving birth to babies with birth defects. Some of these defects that were associated with the use of Paxil are heart or cardiac disease, persistent pulmonary hypertension, abdominal birth defects, cranial birth defects, club foot and limb reductions, and damage to lungs and heart valves. No wonder, the number of women who filed a Paxil Lawsuit is increasing. If you are one of those women who used Paxil during their pregnancy and gave birth to babies with birth defects, it is recommended that you consult with a legal professional about your case. Remember, your baby’s life is at stake here.

Taking a dip in the pool...

For the first time since it was opened a month ago, hubby and I finally got in the pool last Monday, the 4th of July! I have been waiting for the water temperature to rise and it did reached 86F which was perfect. While i could hardly move my left arm last year due to my frozen shoulder, i noticed my mobility has improved a lot. It would be a shame if i would not enjoy the pool just because i could not move my arm. Well, it has been more than a year since i found out i am suffering from a frozen shoulder. I don't know until when i have to bear with this minor disability. I read online that it usually lasts between 2-3 years before it totally heals. That means i still have at least a year, if i get lucky!

Water Damaged Homes In Austin

My husband and I visited our cousin’s family in Austin over the weekend and we sure had a blast. It was actually an unplanned visit as we happened to be around the area so we took the chance to call them. Although it was a short notice, they invited us to their new place. They have a decent size house and I was actually surprised how much they paid for their house. They definitely got a very good deal with that house. I learned that the house was one of those water damaged homes which was not really a big deal especially with the help of that provides various services for residential and commercial buildings in Austin, Texas.

People in Austin are very lucky to have The SteamTeam that continuously takes care of water damaged homes austin. Had my cousin did not tell me about it, I would have not noticed by looking at the walls and flooring that their house was water damaged. The SteamTeam really did a great job.

Monday, July 4, 2011

High Quality Scrubs At Affordable Costs

My friend has been working in a nursing home and she told me that she has been buying new sets almost every year because she wears them out so quick that they don’t last for a year. I told her where our nurses at work buy their scrubs and the quality is really something I can vouch for because their scrub uniforms would last for years and they still look good. Even our doctors get their medical lab coats from the same store.

Of course, I am referring to , the only place where our medical staff get their scrubs from. This online store has the best quality medical uniforms, lab coats, scrubs and even accessories at affordable cost. When it comes to scrubs, I always recommend They provide not only the convenience of buying from them but also an efficient customer service. If you are in need of quality scrubs, try this place out.

Happy Birthday America!

Last night was the first time i heard and saw fireworks in the neighborhood and it was really fun. It seems that America is celebrating 4th of July more festively that new year. To all Americans, happy birthday and be proud to be an American. I am! Enjoy this very special day! myspace graphic comments

Enjoying A Stress-Free Life

After two years, we met up with our friends last weekend who have been in Arizona since they moved out of NY after the couple retired. I guess the cold weather was the main reason why they decided to move there. Actually, they were here in NY for some business intending to stay only for a week but there were some issues that needed to be resolved so their stay was extended to three long weeks. We were teasing them that they may go home to an empty house but they were so confident that won’t happen because they got the best home security installed in their home. They swear, that home security bentonville was one of the best decisions they made in their life. They can enjoy traveling and leaving their home once in a while and living peacefully in a secure home.

Another thing this couple has been enjoying since they retired is their Direct TV. While both have worked all their life, they are now enjoying all the movies and great TV shows that they once missed. Direct TV has various packages that will suit your needs and rest assured that all these will definitely provide total TV viewing experience for anyone.

Friday, July 1, 2011

World Financial Group Reviews: Leading Your Way To A Successful Business

Today, there a lot of opportunities for making money online which is a good thing; but also post a great challenge for everyone in the business because the competition is real tough. Investing money in a business is no joke and the risk of losing it is great, if you lack the skills and knowledge on how to run and manage your business. This is where World Financial Group comes to the rescue. Learn from the World Financial Group Reviews that have helped millions of businesses grow and successfully survive in the global market. Equip yourself with the appropriate knowledge and skills that you need to succeed.

The World Financial Group Reviews will guide you in managing your business. A lot of people who are into MLM, for instance, have been successful because of the help of these World Financial Reviews. If you are planning to make more money doing some online business, you can start it off with getting yourself familiarized with the ins and outs of the business and there is nothing more effective than learning from the experts.