Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zendee Rose's US debut at Ellen's show

Remember a month or so ago, I posted here a video about a girl named Zendee Rose who loves singing in videoke machines in malls in the Philippines.  Her video became viral that it caught Ellen's interest to invite her to the US to guest at Ellen's show.  Zendee has been discovered since and her singing at malls has finally paid off.  She just signed a singing contract with Warners.  Her guesting at Ellen's was her very first time to visit the US.  Watch the video if you haven't seen the show.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

For All Your Car Needs, Auto Repair Riverside Is The Place To Be

A lot of car repair shops nowadays cannot be trusted but auto repair riverside is not one of them.  This auto repair shop specializes in cars like Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen, and Mercedes.  If you are around Riverside in California and you own one of these brands of cars, you know where to go for your car needs.  They also offer amazing deals for their customers.  In fact, they provide 0% interest on service and repair. Their continued dedication in helping their customers is unsurpassed.  This is what draws people to use their services.

Speaking of services, German Performance is known to provide top notch services such as state-of-the-art diagnostics, automotive repair, inspections, auto body repair, high quality car parts, financing options and a lot more.  The good thing is:  you enjoy these services at reasonable costs.  It is hard to find something like this nowadays.  If you are not careful, you will find yourself paying a high price for a poor service of unskilled mechanics.

My husband has been a victim of highway robbery a couple of times in the past.  With his many years of experience in working with cars, he can easily detect what is wrong with his car whenever it breaks.  Sometimes, he has no choice but to get someone to fix it.  One time, our car broke in the middle of a small town on our way to Pennsylvania.  He knew what was wrong and he said that with the right tools, he could easily fix it but he did not have his tools with him that time.

We called a mechanic and as expected, he charged us for a ridiculous cost.  To avoid getting ripped by small time mechanics, it helps to know someone that you can trust like the German Performance in Riverside.  Your vehicles are in safe hands when you entrust it with them for maintenance and repair.  A well maintained car will last for a long time, thus saves you time and money that you would spend for frequent repairs by people who do not fully know what they are doing.

For your car needs, the German Performance is the best place to be.

This is a sponsored post for German Performance; however, all the points and views are my own.

Oh motherhood!

Having kids brings happiness and joy to parents especially to mothers.  I have four kids and looking back, I could not imagine how i was able to raise them.  I hear parents complain about raising a kid and i could just smile having raised not one but four!  Let's admit though, that raising kids drive us crazy!

The Best Way To Find Kansas City Homes

Today, finding Kansas City homes has become so easy with RE/MAX.  This is a place where everything you need to know about buying or selling properties or real estate within Kansas and Missouri is readily available for everyone who needs it.  There are many reasons why people want to live in Kansas City.  It has been ranked as one among the top cities for manliness, if you know what I mean.  I think cities have been rated according to certain criteria for manliness.  Like other cities, there are pros and cons but I think the pros outweigh the cons.   Kansas City offers nice places for retiring people.

A friend of mine who has been renting a house in Kansas City has now decided to look for a place that they can call their own.  I guess they got tired of paying monthly rentals for a house they do not own and I don't blame them. They have limited knowledge about available houses in the city but with internet access, nothing is difficult to find.

They found a lot of resources online but one place that really got their interest is RE/MAX.  The site offers a great source of information about available homes in Kansas and Missouri.  It is user-friendly and navigation in the site is fast and easy.  It is also very convenient to do your searches even from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you have internet access. Searches can be done in different ways and can easily be narrowed down, depending on what is important to you.

People at RE/MAX pride themselves with the expertise and long experience they have in the business.  Their customer service is superb and they are willing to help you in your search. Their many years of experience on this job made them experts so they know the "ins and outs" in this business.  It is great to work with people that you can trust.

 If you want a less-stressful way of looking for a home in Kansas City, I strongly suggest you check it out with RE/MAX.  Ask your friends for recommendations and I'm sure RE/MAX will be on top of their list.

This is a sponsored post for Remax Mid-states, however, all the points and views are my own.

Stairlift Provides The Solution For People With Lift Concerns

For people with illness, weak, old and are physically challenged, a stairlift provides the best solution to improve their mobility.  Without it, it would be hard for them to move around without getting help from people around them.  Their mobility is very limited.  With a stairlift, going up and down the stairs would be a breeze.  We want to give our loved ones who are in this situation a way that makes them feel comfortable in moving up and down the stairs, even in a wheelchair. A stairlift does not only make their life a lot easy but also for those who are taking care of them.

My friend's mother-in-law lives with them since my friend got married.  Her mother-in-law occupies the whole second floor of the house.  Last year, she fell and broke her hips which restricts her from moving around freely just like before.  Going up and down the stairs is no longer possible for her to do without any help.  My friend and her husband decided to move her to the ground floor.  Since my friend and her husband do not like to live upstairs, they had no choice but live with their mom downstairs.

 I told her about stairlift which is becoming popular nowadays.  Stairlifts can be installed indoor or outdoor.  They come in different types and if you are not sure what kind of lift you need, you can ask the help of experts to help you identify whether it is a stair lift, wheelchair lift or vertical lift.  With these, you can transport yourself up and down the stair with so much ease and comfort.

You may be concern about its safety but actually these are of high quality, reliable and very safe so you have nothing to worry about. I admit, it is a bit pricey but for the comfort and convenience it offers, it is all worth it.  I think there is nothing better than to make your loved ones less dependent on the people around them in terms of their mobility by providing them with lifts in their home.  Without it, they face great risks which may put their life in danger.

 If you or someone you know has some lift concerns, consider getting a stair lift and I am sure, you would love it.  I told my friend about getting one and she is seriously considering the idea.  She loves the thought of having her mom-in-law go back to the second floor where she considers as her home for years.

This is a sponsored post for Handi lift Residential, however, all the points and views are my own.

Great de-stressor ...

I have simple joys.  Colorful scenery like what the autumn season brings make me happy.  It is a great de-stressor for me.  Last week, hubby and I went to see the colorful scenery at the Niagara Falls.  I have been there many times but never on Fall season.  I'm glad we went there.  I really had a great time.  Here is one of the pics I took at the Falls.

Are You Looking For The Best Car Dealers In Brooklyn?

I am happy that there are still dependable car dealers around like the car dealers Brooklyn that people can always trust.  I admit I always have this negative impression about car dealers because I always have a bad experience with them in the past.  I guess I don't have luck in dealing with them.  Most of them are only concern about making a sale and earn a fat commission.  I feel like they are always in hurry to finalize a deal.  

The people behind the Kings Auto Show really want to make their customers happy by doing their best to help them find the car that they want.  A leading car dealer in Brooklyn, they have best line of pre-owned vehicles in the East Coast.  What makes them popular among their customers is their excellent customer service, their great selection of used cars, the high quality of their cars considering these are pre-owned, their financing services and a lot more.  

Good and dependable car dealers do exist.  The good thing about Kings Auto Show is they make sure that all vehicles that they are selling have gone a thorough inspection process so that they have been carefully selected among the best in quality, reliability and come with a warranty.  When you visit their shop, you will see how many and what kind of vehicles they are selling.  These are top notch brand vehicles, known for their quality and dependability.  

Buying a used car from them is like buying a new car in terms of quality but at a much lower cost.  To help you get the car that you want, they also offer some financing options, guaranteed credit approval, their popular trade in and trade up programs, sign and drive program, same day delivery and other services that you cannot get from most car dealers around.  

With these programs, I am sure you get the car that you need at a very affordable cost.  Their great concern for their customers has earned them the reputation as one of the best in the industry.  If you are in need of a car, check it out with them.  Their stock changes everyday as the turnover is really quick.  Ordering is so easy.  Just tell them what exactly you are looking for and they will be glad to help you out!

This is a sponsored post for the Kings Auto Show; however, all the points and views are my own.

Which one are you?

Most of us is into Facebook.  I don't let a day pass without checking my FB.  I do it mostly at home and sometimes i check it through my phone during lunch break at work.  Most of the time, i just lurk around but i cannot say i am a lurker as what is described below.  I read post about friends and if i like it, i would click "like" but if i don't, i just leave and don't leave any comments showing my dislike.  If i really like it that i think it is worth sharing, then i would share it to my wall for my friends to see.  

There are people who will really show their dislike by letting the poster know that it should be posted in their walls, something like that.  IMHO, people have the right to post whatever they want to post in their walls.  If they post it to your wall, then that is a different story.  Below are the types of people on FB, which i just found in one site i don't even remember.  Which do you think are you? Based on the list, i am more like the "thief", lol!


1) The "Rooster" – Feels that it is their job to tell Facebook "Good Morning" every day !! :P

2) The "Lurker" – Never posts or comments on your post, but reads everything, and might make reference to your status if they see you in public.

3) The "Hyena" – Doesn't ever really say anything, just LOLs and
LMAOs at everything.

4) "Mr/Ms Popular" – Has 4,367 friends for
 NO reason

5) The "Gamer" – Plays Words With Friends, Mafia Wars, Bakes
virtual cakes and stuff, etc., ALL DAY.)

6) The "Cynic" – Hates their life, and everything in it, as evidenced by the somber tone in ALL of their status updates.

7) The "Collector" – Never posts anything either, but joins every
group and becomes fans of the most random stuff.

8) The "Promoter" – Always sends event invitations to things that you ultimately delete or ignore.

9) The "Liker" – Never actually says anything, but always clicks the "like" button

10) "Drama Queen/ King" – This person always posts stuff like "I
can't believe this!", or "They gonna make me snap today!", in
the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what's wrong but
then they never finish telling the story.

11) The "News" – Always updates you on what they are doing and who they are doing it with, no matter how arbitrary, and Lastly

12) The "Thief" – Steals status updates... and will probably steal
this one :P :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Razors Blades For Close, Clean Shave

My husband started shaving in his early teens and having good razors blades is important to him.  Unlike most men, my husband is not vain.  He does not need much.  In fact, I consider him a "low maintenance' type of a guy.  Shaving, he says makes him feel relaxed because it is the only time when he needs to slow down.  He loves to shave in the morning after he takes a hot shower.  As soon as I hear his favorite music playing, I know he is shaving.

No matter how busy your life is and you are in hurry, you cannot rush the process of shaving.  It has its own pace and rhythm.  You have to be precise and slow down if you don't want to hurt yourself and get cuts.  That is why I always make sure he has enough supply of razors blades.  During special occasions, I would buy him some shaving stuff as gifts and he would appreciate it every time.

He is not into fragrances or perfumes, jewelry and even dressing up.  He loves gadgets and techy stuff.  When we travel, I always make sure we have his shaving kit with him and he can live with that.  Over the years, I can say that my husband has perfected the art of shaving. What is important when shaving, according to him, is lots and lots of hot water.  Hot water softens your skin and the hair which makes shaving easy and gives you a close, clean shave.  Sometimes, even soap and water is enough as long as you have good razor blades.

I can say you have to invest in good quality razors because if you are just content with those cheap razors, chances are they don't last so you would keep on replacing them which in the long run, will cost you a lot of money.  Those cheap razors do not produce clean, close shave and might hurt your skin if you are not extra careful.  If you are shaving, give yourself a break from those cheap razors.  Get something that will last and gives you the shave that you want.

This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all the points and views are my own.

Let's dance the Gangnam style!

The Korean dance craze called Gangnam has become so popular especially in the Philippines that everyone is dancing the Gangnam style.  Even the famous Cebu dancing inmates have their own version of this dance craze.  Watch them dance the Gangnam style!  It is actually a good exercise, don't you think so?


The Best Place For Used Cars In MA

My friend is now starting to look for Used Cars in MA because she badly needs a car to drive her to work.  She is starting on her new job soon which is unfortunately a little far from where her husband works.  One of her husband's friends highly recommended that she checks Prestige Auto Mart, known to provide people with everything they need about cars - be it used or brand new.  If you stop by their place you could find just about everything about cars there.

In case you could not find what you are looking for from their available stock, you just let them know what kind of car you are looking for - the make, type and how much budget you are willing to pay.  They will help you find one and let you know once they find it.  They also help you in financing your car and make sure that the car will be maintained and will last from the time you get it from them.

Most people think that used cars do not last; that driving a used car is like driving a piece of crap.  My husband worked as a mechanic for many years and I trust his opinions on cars.  He says that even a new car does not guarantee that it would last.  It really depends on how you use it; how you take care of it and of course the make of the car.  If you find someone who knows about cars, you could get help on choosing your next car whether it is used or brand new.

Since winter is coming, my friend wants to make sure she does not only get a dependable car that is fit to drive in harsh weather but also takes into consideration one that is affordable.  Check it out with them because you would need the opinion of experts in cars.

Remember, without a car, you will be limited in mobility and might miss some great opportunities that may come your way.  Having a car is a necessity, not a luxury but whatever it is for, Prestige Auto Mart would be happy to help!

This is a sponsored post for Prestige Auto Mart, however, all the points and views are my own.

I need more Facebook buttons!

How i wish Facebook would add more buttons so we have choices even just the "dislike" button.  I see a lot of posts that I want i don't agree with but i just ignore it or just hide it.  I never post negative comment to offend any member because in the first place, anybody can post anything on their wall and if we don't like it, then don't read it.  Here is a better suggestion for Facebook: to add more buttons like this:

Express Your Sympathy Through Funeral Flowers

Losing a loved one is painful but you get strength from the love and support that other people show you during these trying times.  Showing sympathy through prayers and flowers in special arrangement that we can order from florists in our area like ordering funeral flowers indianapolis, for instance, would really make a difference.  

I don't know what is in flowers but flowers always put a smile on my face.  Flowers cheer me up when I am down.  They brighten my day when I don't feel good.  Giving flowers is the safest and the best gift we could give to our loved ones in any occasion.  Most people I know would appreciate receiving flowers.  

The easiest and most convenient way to do is order flowers from florists like the Andrews Florists in Indianapolis where anybody can order flowers for all occasions.  They can make special flower arrangement for you depending on your needs.  Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, get well, love and romance, mother's day, new baby, sympathy, or just for any ordinary day, you can order flowers and rest assured they get delivered on time.  

You can hire them to provide for your flowers needs including the arrangement for weddings, receptions and any other occasion. I personally order flowers and receive flowers few times in a year.  I usually order flowers for my mother on Mother's Day that also comes with a special gift.  Two weeks ago, I ordered flowers for a friend who had a surgery and she loved it.  I love getting flowers from my husband on my birthday, Valentine's Day and on our wedding anniversary.  It makes me feel so special.  

So, guys out there, if you want to make your loved ones happy, express your love through flowers.  You can add some chocolates on it or a special cake, whatever your budget allows.  If you are around Indianapolis, you are lucky to have Andrews Florists around your area. Check out their services because they also offer other services other than arranging fresh cut flowers and making sure they get delivered on time.  

You can also order customized or personalized gifts in bulk which is great as corporate gifts which is very timely for the Christmas season.  Make your order now before it is too late for the holidays. 

This is a sponsored post for Andrews Florists, however, all the points and views are my own.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Email from Lydia ...

Everyday, i get swamped with emails, mostly spam from trying to get into buying viagra to offering money earning stuff that i would report as spam. Well, yesterday, i got this email that made me laugh, i had to save it so i can share it with you.  Here is the email.

"Hi, My name is Lydia...

My friend offered me to create the mail and know each other better!  I am thinking u would not be against of it.  Name of mine is Lydia!  I'm 24 yo and I am learning in university.  Here I'm searching for a serious boy just to talk with each other, to go somewhere, who knows travel through our planet or even start a family.  I think my friend was right and that u really the male that I was searching for!"

Sorry Lydia but i am not the male you are looking for!  LOL!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Create Awesome Videos Through The VideoMania App

Create awesome videos the easiest way through the many special effects from VideoMania.  Get ready with your photo or video, pick your favorite special effects among the various categories in VideoMania and voila!  You have just created an amazing video that you can freely share among your friends.  Start creating colorful and personalized videos through VideoMania Facebook or get it from the VideoMania App Store in iTunes. Yes, the VideoMania App is now available to download to your iPhone!

Living in Facebook!

What is in Facebook that most people make it a part of their daily life.  They practically live in Facebook!  I guess if Facebook would charge people for its use, then everyone leaves and look for another free social network.  I am guilty of being an FB addict myself.  I cannot live a day without checking on FB.  I do not know of anyone not on FB.  Even the priest is on FB, lol!


Payday Loans Provide The Solution To Your Emergency Financial Needs

When my sister moved to UK for the first time, she was worried because she was alone there with no relatives close by to help in case she needs assistance especially on financial matters.  Emergency financial needs could not be avoided.  It comes to anyone, anytime, anywhere and my sister is not an exemption.  She was happy she learned about payday loans which was her real life saver.  

Applying for easy and quick payday loans from the comfort of your home or anywhere there is internet connection is really a wonderful thing.  It helps you get the cash right when you need it, not long after you needed the cash.  You can even get the money you need within minutes of approval and everything is done online.  

Loan lenders all over the world must have realized this because payday loans nowadays have been made so easy to acquire as long as you have a job and a bank account where the money could be directly deposited and of course access to the internet.  Payday loan applications nowadays need no documents to fax, no credit check and no waiting for days to get approved.  Payment terms can be flexible, you can even ask for extension.  

If anyone needs cash for whatever reason and you have a job and a bank account, you do not have to worry when emergency comes.  Payday loans are the solutions to your quick financial needs.  As long as you know your limits, then payday loans could provide for your emergency needs.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Remember your college ID photo?  I vividly remember mine.  In most of my ID photos, i look like i was scared, lol!  I believe, it was how these photos were taken - usually in a small booth we call "photo me" where you sit there and in a count of 1-2-3, a bright light would flash enough to make your eyes grow big.  Those are the opposite of your Facebook profile nowadays.  Everyone prefers to post a cutie pose and use it as their profile pics, am i right?  They look like these!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning Basic Plumbing Maintenance And Repair Is Very Helpful

Learning basic plumbing maintenance and repair saves us from a lot of trouble, money and time that we may spend when plumbing problems occur in our homes. We have to be conscious about what is going on in our homes. For instance, do not take leaking faucets for granted. You may not realize it but you are wasting gallons of water daily even with the smallest leak, which raises your water bill.  

Applying simple measures like running hot water down the drain once a week will help. Putting fitted strainers to tubs and showers is also very helpful to stop hair, soap chips and other solid particles to get into the drain that may cause clog.  Most of all, keep a Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield handy and apply it once a month to drain lines in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other plumbing areas.  

Low water pressure, water discoloration, foul odor coming out of the sink and a lot more are some of the signs that there is something wrong with the plumbing and if not fixed right away, more problems will eventually crop up that will surely cost you a lot of money. There are a lot of ways that we take for granted. I'm glad I am practicing some of these preventive measures but I also admit I am missing on some and do things that should not be done.  

For a long time, we have a leaking faucet and it took a while before my husband got it fixed. When he got it replaced, he could not believe how much hair was accumulated there that may have worsen the situation.  He even teased me that with that amount of hair, he could use it as stuffing for a pillow.  Knowing what needs to be done when minor plumbing problems occur is great.  

It is a pain having major plumbing jobs done. Sometimes walls need to be torn down so it is time-consuming, not to mention the mess it creates. However, for plumbing concerns that you cannot handle, get the services of the best plumbers who are available around the country. Don't wait for situations to get worse. Early detection is very helpful!

This is a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however, all the points and views are my own.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friendship ....

What is friendship?  How far would you go to support your friends?  Well, I admit i have few friends - those that i can consider as friends in the real sense of the word.  But, i see friendship as a two-way thing, that is why it is called a relationship.  It is not one way.  Speaking of friendship, here is one for laughs!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Headache go away!

My eyes are teary, nose runny and I keep on sneezing! I am having this headache since yesterday at work.  I have a hard time staring at my computer screen no matter how big the fonts are.  No eyeglasses work for me these days.  I just want this headache to go away.  I did not go to work today because of this.  What do you do to get rid of your headache?  This is what I do as Aunty Acid says!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Order Your Custom Lanyards From Namify

Custom lanyards are powerful promotion tools for companies and organizations - big or small.  I have worked for many years in a public relations office and my job involved a lot of promotion of our company's programs and services.  We always have lanyards in our company color and logo.  We give it to our employees and guests as tokens when we have launching of new programs and services. Whenever we hold conferences, we order lanyards with the event name and date printed on it.  

Anybody could use a lanyard because it has a multiple purpose.  Everywhere you go - in schools, offices, stores and malls, libraries, theaters, airports, conferences and other locations and events, you see people with lanyards around their necks.  My lanyards that I have collected all these years have been very useful to my family.  I use it as a name tag holder, pen holder, key holder and for other things.  My kids use it to hold their name tags as well.  

I used to misplace my pens and keys and drop my badge.  That made lanyards very useful for me in this aspect.  My husband also uses it to hold his thumb drives.  I'm sure there are other things you can do with lanyards.  It is limitless.  At home, our ceiling fan is too high for short people like me so my husband attached a lanyard to the string so I could easily pull it whenever I want to turn the fan on or off.  

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the best time for companies to order lanyards to be included in their corporate gifts and tokens come Christmas time.  At Namify, you can find all types of lanyards - in different color, length, material, price and theme.  You can pick from their available lanyards or design your own to give it a more personal touch.  

You can create your own design and text or message and have it printed on the lanyard.  It is so easy to shop there.  You can call them, click or search, that simple!  For companies looking for very effective yet affordable promotional tool, I urge them to consider getting lanyards at Namify!

This is a sponsored post for Namify, however, all the points and views are my own.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I need a plane ticket right now!

I am missing my family back home right now.  I could really use a plane ticket right now.  Whenever i read or see pictures of my friends at Facebook vacationing somewhere, i feel jealous because i really want to go home to the Philippines.  I wish it would be that easy but it is not.  It would cost me more than an arm and a leg to buy a ticket to the Philippines.  Fairy Godmother, are you for real?  Please send me one or cash will do, lol!

Understanding The New 1099-K

We have to pay our taxes every year; otherwise, we are in trouble.  The taxation law is a bit complicated especially for those who own a business.  Small businesses could get the help from in organizing their financial data so they could pay the right taxes, thus, avoid the costs of getting penalized.  The image below gives us an overview about some facts on taxes especially for small businesses.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
Brought To By

This is my story...what's yours?

When i was younger, i tried anything to gain weight.  Now, its the other way around.  It seems so hard to lose weight now and so easy to gain it.  Well, i guess i just have to accept it - that i am not getting any younger.  I am just comforted by the thought that at my age, i have gained more wisdom, more experience and have become smarter. Need I say I am more intelligent now?  Well, that's my story...what's yours?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finding A Utah Real Estate Has Never Been So Easy With Utah Listings

My boss has been looking for a place where he can retire and is seriously considering a Utah Real Estate upon the recommendations of his friends and relatives who live in Utah.  My boss dreads the cold weather here in Buffalo and I cannot blame him.  I heard a lot about Utah - that it is very diverse and a beautiful state. My boss found a place in Kanab, a small town, with beautiful scenery and mild winter. It is exactly what my boss has been looking for.  I guess he is tired of living in the city for many years.  He wants to have a place away from, the city when he retires.  

He is grateful for the big help that he got from  It is where all kinds of information that you need about properties in Utah can be found.  Whether you want to sell or buy a property, or just need information about home loans, it is definitely the best place to be.  The site is user-friendly because it is so easy to navigate and everything is just right there in front of you. 

You can narrow down your search by city, by map, by zipcode, by area, by address, by price and by Multiple Listing Service.  This means you can easily do your searches in the comfort of your home.  This way you will find lots of choices and pick the ones you want to personally visit. 

Buying a home or property is not easy without any help from a real estate agent.  It is time consuming and going through the process takes a lot of patience.  Base on my own experience in buying a house, I could say that with the help of a great real estate agent, we have found the home that we were looking for. 

If you are looking for a property in Utah, do not hesitate to get the help of the experts at Utah Listing.  The listing of available properties in Utah is updated regularly so you do not miss anything.  Check it out and find the property that suits your needs and budget.  Buying a Utah real estate has never been so easy with Utah Listings.

 This is a sponsored post for Utah Listings, however, all the points and views are my own.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh crap!

There are times when i feel I don't give a damn on what is happening around me especially at work.  This week is one of them.  Blame it on the hormones and on those annoying people who make situations worse.  I thought I could really care less.  Honestly, i am getting tired of this crap.  This is the time that i try to avoid - when i feel i am no longer happy with my job!  If only i can afford to go jobless!