Saturday, March 26, 2011


There have been so much raves against this You Tube video of an American teen from UCLA about her "not-so-good" comments about Asians as in generalizing ALL Asians. Well, this poor girl obviously did not know or expect what she was up to. Last I heard, she has left UCLA after getting a lot of hate videos and comments circulating in You Tube, blogs, fora and social networking sites, in response to her video. Good for her! Lesson learned? Think a thousand times before making your opinions out in public. To those who do not know what i am talking about, here is the video of this girl with "US manners".

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My daughters....

Everyone in my family loves to sing. The only difference is: i don't have the voice that my daughters have. I am just thankful at least they can sing, especially my daughter Patty, even just for fun. Here is a sample of their singing prowess. I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Better Than Bottled Water

Water is essential to one’s health, no doubt about it. We know that our body needs water but this is a reality that most of us don’t pay much attention to. I have been a soda drinker since my college days until a few months ago when I decided to minimize my soda intake, after I notice I have been gaining weight. Believe it or not, I lost a lot of weight after including water as an essential part of my daily diet.

I started to stock bottled water at home and I make sure I don’t run out of supply. It is getting more inconvenient and more expensive and I know there should be a better way.
I’m happy I have found the best way to have clean, clear and great tasting water available all the time right from your sink. For a very small investment of $99, you will enjoy drinking filtered tap water that is supposed to be a lot better in taste and purity than any bottled water. No wonder, this easy-to-install Puriteam CT-12 countertop water filter has won the Parent Tested Parent Approved award.

It does not only provide you the convenience of having clean and great tasting water all the time, it also saves you a ton of money.
You will enjoy a lifetime guaranty for your housing filter but to achieve the best quality of your filtered tap water, change your filters at least every three years. This is too little investment for a lifetime of good health. Every home should have this. Get it now and start living a healthy life.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am proud of my filipino accent!

I can tell if you are a filipino by the way you speak english, even if you have been to a foreign country for so many years. I am not talking for those who have been born and raised in other country, US for instance. I am talking about those who left the Philippine when they were already adults. I believe you cannot totally change the way we filipinos speak but of course we can improve on it and adapt the way people in this country sopeak so we can be understood. But as i say, we cannot totally lose the accent - the so-called Filipino accent. Watch this video you can undertand why.